Monday, March 31, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - March 31

It's that time again, folks - time to watch those Stars Dance!

Up first tonight are Marlee and Fabian, dancing the Jive. She looks oh, so cute tonight!

As an aside: Here's a good example of why I don't like the house band. I rarely like hearing a song from anyone other than the original artist, unless I'm sitting in a bar.

I think the dance was good but not as good as in the past. The judges were a little bit more critical than they've been before, too.

Score: 21

Up next Steve and Anna, doing the Tango. Steve was hilarious rehearsing with Anna's husband in the taped piece!

I love Steve Guttenberg, but unfortunately, I don't think he's very long for this competition. I thought he was still walking through it, and what was his chin doing all jutted out like that? The judges thought he was much improved. YAY!

Score: 21! What a pleasant surprise!

Film and TV Star Christian (with Cheryl) is doing the Jive tonight. Usually I don't really care how he dances because he's just so dang HOTT, but tonight I'm really enjoying the dance, too! GREAT!

Score: 25!

Mario and Karina danced the Tango. Holy moley, is the band performing Roxanne to a tango beat? UGH. I didn't really pay attention to the dance; I was distracted by Karina's boots and the weird song.

Len didn't like it, Carrie Ann agrees, and Bruno doesn't think it was that bad.

Score: 21

Film and Television Star Shannon (and Derek) are performing the Jive this week. Big Daddy's unable to do anything more than stare at her legs. I on the other hand, love her dress, eyes, lipstick and headband thingie. Not all that crazy about the dance, though. Sorry. I'm glad the judges disagreed with me, though, cause I really like Shannon.

Score: 24

Next are Adam and Julianne and WOW, get a load of her wig and makeup! She looks great, doesn't she? Kind of like a young Priscilla Presley! Hey, his jaw is all wamper-jawed like Steve's was! I guess it's a Tango thing. Overall, I think he did a good job. And my lands, Carrie Ann thought he looked sexy!

Must! Stop! With! The Exclamation Points!

Score: 21

Marisa and Tony are doing the Jive tonight, and I think Tony ROCKS! I thought the dance was good, but like Len said, it was careful. You can tell that Marisa's disappointed at the judges' feedback. Do you think they might be holding her to a higher standard because of her Broadway background?

Or maybe I'm just biased in her favor cause she's a chunky girl.

Score: OOH, it's a 19. I think that's a bit harsh.

Priscilla and Louie are performing a steamy Tango next. I'll tell ya this; other than the steam, I don't think it's any better than Marisa's Jive. But the judges, they LOVE the older women on this show (remember Jane and Marie!), and they loved this one too. I'm not saying it wasn't good, but it wasn't THAT much better than Marisa.

Score: A ridiculous 26. I don't agree; do you?

Jason and Edyta attack the Jive this week. Man, this guy has a natural move to him that works with almost any dance he does. I don't know whether he's got the steps right or the technical aspects, but I know he's fun to watch.

Score: 23

Last this week are Kristi and Mark dancing the Tango. Got a little bit of makeup on there, Kristi? I don't think the performance is as good as past performances, but it was nice.

Score: 27 (I think that's overblown)

So, who's going home this week? I don't really think anyone sucked tonight. Low score was Marisa, and I definitely don't think she was the worst. Since someone's got to go, I guess I'm thinking Adam.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You are right on the money that no way did Priscilla deserve that high a score. It was a pedestrian dance that looked like a 7 to me.

Marissa's score deserved to be higher. I hope she doesn't go home this week.

Jennifer said...

I was only halfway watching last night. Guess I just wasn't really in the mood. I'll have to go back and watch. I did think they were a little hard on Marlee and I thought her score should have been higher. I thought Shannon looked fantastic in her costume. And I felt really bad for Marisa - though I really didn't pay much attention to the dance. I was on the computer, so I really wasn't focused. Sounds like you've got it about right though. I'll have to watch later!

Ang said...

Hi! I have been on the search for other bloggers who watch your post!! The judges were way too harsh on Marissa, the music was just bad overall last night, and I think it is going to Adam to go tonight. We shall see this evening!