Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Top 12 - Results Show

My goodness, is this show really gonna be 2 hours tonight? Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be using the fast forward liberally tonight.

First contestant in the Bottom 3 is Syesha. I think that's reasonable; her performance last night wasn't anything special. Ryan asks Randy and Paula if Syesha should go home and they say No. He changes the question for Simon and asks if Syesha should be in the bottom 3, so Simon has to be the bad guy and say Yes.

The next contestant in the bottom 3 is Kristy Lee Cook. She took the wind out of Ryan's sails when she said "Just give me the mike," before he could do his dramatic schtick.

Sorry I'm a Ryan Hater tonight y'all, but I am really tired of the Ryan vs. Simon Show. He keeps saying that Simon told Kristy to sing country, but dadgummit, Simon didn't arrange that song, and the arrangement was way too hillbilly! Drop it, Seacrest!

Last person in the Bottom 3 is...duh duh DUHM...David Hernandez. Wah. I don't disagree with the decision, cause his performance wasn't very good last night. I DO hope he stays, though. He's got a GREAT voice when he chooses the right song.

Oh, and David goes home. Wah again. Just shows you what a HUGE difference song selection makes. He's peformed so much better in past weeks, but this week...meh.

Do you think the stripper business had anything to do with his departure? I hope not; didn't make a difference to me.

Oh, and my DVR must have been wrong, because Thank Goodness the show really wasn't 2 hours. I've got about 4 more shows to watch tonight, so peace out, y'all.


sarah bean said...

Well, over here in lil'ol New Zealand, the most recent episode we just saw was at the end of hollywood week where the 24??? found out they'd gone through and everyone else was sent home! Start with the voting weeks this week!

(and I only was able to figure out if we're even up to the same SEASON as you are seeing because they told Syesha she was in by asking her to spell her name and it had the word "yes" in it... other than that, I don't remember anyone yet lol.)

Sometimes it's nice being so out of the loop late on shows, a quick google and you can put yourself out of your suspenseful misery and find out who won stuff ;)

Jennifer said...

Out of the bottom 3, I was happy it was David who went. The only ones that would have made me happier are Amanda and Ramiele. Oh well. I wasn't crazy to hear about his lifestyle or past, but that didn't affect whether I liked him as a singer or not. I thought he did well until this week. It's hard to say if that kept others from voting, but who knows?