Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American idol - McCartney and Lennon, Part 2

Did we really need another night of Lennon and McCartney? Well, as Simon would say, "Off you go." Let's get right to it.

Amanda Overmyer - Still not a fan. Still don't get it. What else can I say? But oh, my goodness, she actually talks! And I like what she has to say, even if I don't like her performance.

Kristy Lee Cook is singing some song I never heard, and I'm bored. Oh, wait, I have heard it, but I'm still bored.

David Archuleta sings The Long and Winding Road tonight. You know what, I read somewhere that he has a whacked out stage dad who was banned from the studio when David did Star Search. Poor kid; what a lot of pressure! His performance is fine; nothing special to me. Randy thinks that he's hot, though, Paula...who knows? And Simon thinks that he's amazing. For the record, Big Daddy agrees with the judges.

Michael Johns is up next, folks. I think I'm getting old, y'all, cause I don't really care for this guy either. He's singing Day in the Life tonight, which is a song I like, but he sounds off to me. I'm not feeling it. In fact, I think it was awful. Randy sort of agreed with me, Paula babbled, and Simon thought it was a mess.

Here comes Brooke White - I Love this girl's voice, y'all! Tonight she's singing Here Comes The Sun. Unfortunately, she is a little awkward standing in front of the mike stand, though. For a minute there she looked like Elaine Benes dancing. Randy didn't like it, and Paula smiles and likes the yellow. Simon thought it was terrible...wah. Oh, and then Brooke wants to talk it over with the judges...just hush, girl, and bring it back next week.

Moving on.

We've got David Cook next, singing Day Tripper. Have I told y'all that I played this song in marching band in high school? Yeah. We rocked out.

Let me tell you - I'm a very shallow and judgmental person sometimes, and I can not stand this guy's hair. It totally ruins him for me.

Having said that, I do like this performance. A lot. Wait...did he just do a Frampton thing on that other mike? Hmm.

Carly Smithson is next, and she's doing Blackbird. Not sure if I know this song...yeah, I guess I do. I love Carly's voice too, and tonight she looks so pretty! Big Daddy doesn't like her shirt, but what does he know; he wears Big Daddy T-Shirts and tennis shoes 50% of the time. Randy and Paula liked her performance and Simon thought it was indulgent, whatever that means.

Let's hear Jason Castro, our Texas boy. He's cute, but I bet if you took those dreads off he'd be a geek. Maybe not, though, cause he sure is cute. Anyway, he's singing Michelle tonight, and although I enjoy hearing him sing, I don't think it's all that spectacular.

Syesha Mercado is singing Yesterday. She had a couple of stand-out parts, but other than that it's pretty forgettable for me. I'm glad the judges disagree with me, because I think that overall Syesha's a great singer.

Chikezie's up next, and he's doing I've Just Seen A face. I'm just gonna have to say that I have no idea whether I like this performance or not. No, that's not true. I like it, but I don't know whether the judges will or not. Randy's 50/50; Paula thinks he's showing who is and the depth of his vocals; Simon thought the harmonica was atrocious.

The final performance is Ramiele Malubay. Tonight she's singing I Should Have Known Better, trying to make the judges smile. I'm sorry to say that it's just a'ight for me and pitchy in places. Wah. I also agree with Simon that the arrangement sounded amateurish. Not much depth there.

So my favorite? I don't think I have one; nobody really knocked my socks off tonight. Who's going home? Hopefully Amanda or maybe Kristy Lee or Jason.

What do you think?


Jennifer said...

It was a rather boring night, huh?
I like your post better than mine - you were quick and to the point. I need to learn how to do that!
I think though, since I was typing and not having to write it all out, that I got a bit carried away! LOL!

Melzie said...

I agree its time to move on from the Beatles to something else. xoxo melzie

Cobblestones said...

You think Jason might go home? That would for sure shock me. But I agree that no one knocked my socks off last night.