Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Biggest Loser Commentary - Jan 22

Let me start off by saying that I think the twist this week SUCKS. How cruel to put Yellow in such an awkward situation! I guess they SORT OF evened it out by giving Yellow complete power if they won, but still. OUCH.

Oh, and also, did Paul get a little obnoxious once they were on the block? And also a little Out There with his kung fu outfit and attitude? Just checking.

And I'll stop right here and say that I hate the whole "vote off the biggest threat" style of game play. That means that whoever wins is NOT, in fact, The Biggest Loser, but The Luckiest or The Most Conniving. Sort of defeats the purpose of the show.

But I can't stand Black. And it's not because they're a threat; it's because that one brother is a big, arrogant jerk. And I hate it when Big, Arrogant Jerks win Reality Shows. (See Evel (sic)Dick, Richard Hatch, etc.)


In the first few weeks, I didn't like Orange, but this week they've grown on me! Jackie reminds me of Mimi Kennedy, who I like a whole bunch, plus she's not so snarky now that Neill's gone, so I'm not mad at her any more.

I was SO delighted when I realized that some of the other teams wanted to ally with Yellow to help eliminate Black. And so NOT delighted when I realized that Black could win immunity. Wah.
Have you noticed my commentary is random here? Yeah, welcome to my world.

So Orange, Blue and half of Purple decide to sort of throw the weigh-in. I wonder why, when Bob told them that they'd better let him know what was going on, they didn't? I wonder why they didn't want Jenn to know what they were doing? Anyone?

And in true Reality Show Fashion, Ali decided that it was unjust that she was voted off.

Miss Pink, let's review, shall we? Paul and Kelly are not the biggest threat; they're maybe 3rd, I'd say, behind Black, Gray and Orange. YOU voted for them in the Fake Elimination. Why? Oh yes, because you're in an alliance with Black and Gray. Why you didn't vote Orange I don't know.

In fact, why didn't Orange get votes in the Fake Elimination Vote? Anyone?

Anyway. It amazes me how people on reality shows are insulted and indignant when they're voted off. Dude, you just voted FOR TEAM YELLOW TO LEAVE. How are they not gonna want you gone? They know that you're the reason they're in jeopardy, and P.S., you'll try to get them gone again if you stay.

So Shut UP.

And yes, last week I liked Pink. And the week before that. Well, Bette Sue mostly, but tonight she was even sort of a jerk about the elimination. In fact, I think they may be the poorest sports in Biggest Loser History. What do you think?

So. I'm obviously a little snarky? Sorry. Love ya. What did you think about the episode?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Jan 8

Here's my usual random commentary on this week's episode of The Biggest Loser.

STILL LOVE Bette-Sue. Love. Her. Except why does she wear reading glasses all the time? Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Didn't like Jackie and Dan making fun of Neill. This early in the game, most of the other contestants seem pretty supportive of everyone, so to see them laughing AT Neill and being mean-spirited really stood out.

And speaking of Neill, I was so impressed with the way Jillian handled him outside. And the fact that he took her words to heart and began changing his attitude.

I thought Jay and Mark should have given the phone cards to the teams who finished the challenge. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with them giving the cards to the teams they like the best. It just seems to me that they would have gained more good will down the road if they'd been more objective with their choices.

Food Temptation. Meh. I still don't get Jay's rationale that since Paul had 900 calories left to eat that day, he'd go ahead and eat, too. Did I miss something? How do Paul's 900 calories affect whether or not Jay can eat?

When I watched the Biggest Loser Australia marathon, one thing I liked was this: Each Temptation was tied into a chance to win immunity for that week's elimination. Makes more sense to me.

Why does Roger look so familiar to me? Anyone? Has he been on some other reality show, like Wife Swap or something?

The weight losses this week were very low compared to usual for the show. Actually, they were more in line with real life, huh?

I was oh, so sad to see Curtis and Mallory go. Very.

What did you think about last night's show? Let me know, 'kay?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Survivor 16 - Micronesia!

Thursday, February 7 is the big day, y'all! Survivor will be back with their latest incarnation - Fans vs. Favorites.

Now, I don't know whose favorites these are; I only really, really like about half of them. But I guess we all know that they're really chosen for ratings, not actual likability.

The fans are unknowns, obviously, but here are the ones I think I might like:

Erik - This is one cute kid! He looks so sweet and fun and cuddly; we'll see...
Joel - He's a firefighter! And he looks like he might be nice. Plus, I always like to see people over 30 who aren't from California on this show!
...well, that's about it for the newbies, I guess. I'll definitely have more opinions after the show premieres!

Now for the "favorites." Here are MY favorites in order:

James - Tied with Cirie for my top spot. I can not believe he had two idols and still went home. I hope he wizens up this season.
Cirie - Tied with James.
Jonathan - Sorry, y'all, but I really did like Jonathan! I think he doesn't mean to be obnoxious and he really has a good heart. I'm hoping that he learned some things by watching his past season, and he'll be able to tone down the bad spots and improve on the good.
Ozzy - He was sweet, right?
Yau-Man - Poor guy got totally duped last time by Dreamz. TOTALLY. He should have told him, "You can have the truck AFTER you take me to the final 3." But I love his heart.

My not so favorite "favorites:"

Didn't like Amanda - She acted like she was really surprised that people were upset by her lying to them and then voting them out. I was amazed that to the end, she seemed surprised that anyone would be upset by her back-stabbing. I realize that back-stabbing is part of the game. Just acknowledge that you did the stabbing, please.

Jonny Fairplay - I've seen this guy be sincerely nice sometimes, but otherwise he's sickening. I would love it if the other contestants would realize that if you don't feed the fire, it goes out. Just don't give the guy any attention when he's acting ridiculous.

So here's my fantasy scenario: James, Jonathan, Yau-Man and Cirie team up. Maybe they ask Ozzy or even Jonny Fairplay to join them. They can neutralize Fairplay for awhile if he's aligned with them. They have to be vigilant in watching for his defection, though. They vote off the cute, cocky, manipulating girls one by one. would appear I'm rooting for all the men, plus Cirie. Oh well...

Can't wait, y'all! See ya back here on February 8!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Random Thoughts and The Biggest Loser

I have watched The Biggest Loser Australia for three days on Fox Reality. The show's done differently there, but YAY! Bob's there!

Also watched The Biggest Loser Couples last night. Where's Kim, y'all? Did she just get dumped because Jillian decided to come back? That would suck.

TBL Couples I like:
The Pink Team - I hope Bettie Sue stops grousing about everything and being so negative. She could be fun, I think.
The Yellow Team - I'm a big ol' nosy butt, so I wanna know why she left him.
The White Team
The Blue Team

Couples I'm not crazy about:
The Orange Team
The Green Team - I found it ironic that Jenn was complaining about her father the entire episode, and even after they went home, but she was the person with the lowest weight loss. She absolutely REFUSED to acknowledge that if it weren't for her low weight loss, they wouldn't have been beneath the yellow line and his attitude would not have been an issue. I wanted them to stay, because I wanted him to get happy.
The Purple Team - Please stop whining. And telling us that since you're 22 years old, everything should be easier for you. It's not, is it?

In other news, I may check out Celebrity Apprentice later on this week. Don't know how long that'll stay on the play list, though.

What do you think about TBL Couples? And what else are you watching in The New Year?

Happy 2008, y'all!