Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Jan 8

Here's my usual random commentary on this week's episode of The Biggest Loser.

STILL LOVE Bette-Sue. Love. Her. Except why does she wear reading glasses all the time? Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Didn't like Jackie and Dan making fun of Neill. This early in the game, most of the other contestants seem pretty supportive of everyone, so to see them laughing AT Neill and being mean-spirited really stood out.

And speaking of Neill, I was so impressed with the way Jillian handled him outside. And the fact that he took her words to heart and began changing his attitude.

I thought Jay and Mark should have given the phone cards to the teams who finished the challenge. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with them giving the cards to the teams they like the best. It just seems to me that they would have gained more good will down the road if they'd been more objective with their choices.

Food Temptation. Meh. I still don't get Jay's rationale that since Paul had 900 calories left to eat that day, he'd go ahead and eat, too. Did I miss something? How do Paul's 900 calories affect whether or not Jay can eat?

When I watched the Biggest Loser Australia marathon, one thing I liked was this: Each Temptation was tied into a chance to win immunity for that week's elimination. Makes more sense to me.

Why does Roger look so familiar to me? Anyone? Has he been on some other reality show, like Wife Swap or something?

The weight losses this week were very low compared to usual for the show. Actually, they were more in line with real life, huh?

I was oh, so sad to see Curtis and Mallory go. Very.

What did you think about last night's show? Let me know, 'kay?

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Kat said...

I felt the same way about everyone of the teams. I had liked Jackie and Dan until that snide catty remark that Jackie made and Dan snickering like a flying monkey at it. I was irritated at Neill's lack of motivation but after Jillian's talk, he was like a new person.

I love Bette-Sue too, she is just a neat lady, her cool hair and the reading glasses just endeared her to me right away. She scared the dickens out of me when she fell on the treadmill though.

I was shocked that Curtis and Mallory were the ones sent home, I was sure that they would keep them.