Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Biggest Loser Commentary - Jan 22

Let me start off by saying that I think the twist this week SUCKS. How cruel to put Yellow in such an awkward situation! I guess they SORT OF evened it out by giving Yellow complete power if they won, but still. OUCH.

Oh, and also, did Paul get a little obnoxious once they were on the block? And also a little Out There with his kung fu outfit and attitude? Just checking.

And I'll stop right here and say that I hate the whole "vote off the biggest threat" style of game play. That means that whoever wins is NOT, in fact, The Biggest Loser, but The Luckiest or The Most Conniving. Sort of defeats the purpose of the show.

But I can't stand Black. And it's not because they're a threat; it's because that one brother is a big, arrogant jerk. And I hate it when Big, Arrogant Jerks win Reality Shows. (See Evel (sic)Dick, Richard Hatch, etc.)


In the first few weeks, I didn't like Orange, but this week they've grown on me! Jackie reminds me of Mimi Kennedy, who I like a whole bunch, plus she's not so snarky now that Neill's gone, so I'm not mad at her any more.

I was SO delighted when I realized that some of the other teams wanted to ally with Yellow to help eliminate Black. And so NOT delighted when I realized that Black could win immunity. Wah.
Have you noticed my commentary is random here? Yeah, welcome to my world.

So Orange, Blue and half of Purple decide to sort of throw the weigh-in. I wonder why, when Bob told them that they'd better let him know what was going on, they didn't? I wonder why they didn't want Jenn to know what they were doing? Anyone?

And in true Reality Show Fashion, Ali decided that it was unjust that she was voted off.

Miss Pink, let's review, shall we? Paul and Kelly are not the biggest threat; they're maybe 3rd, I'd say, behind Black, Gray and Orange. YOU voted for them in the Fake Elimination. Why? Oh yes, because you're in an alliance with Black and Gray. Why you didn't vote Orange I don't know.

In fact, why didn't Orange get votes in the Fake Elimination Vote? Anyone?

Anyway. It amazes me how people on reality shows are insulted and indignant when they're voted off. Dude, you just voted FOR TEAM YELLOW TO LEAVE. How are they not gonna want you gone? They know that you're the reason they're in jeopardy, and P.S., you'll try to get them gone again if you stay.

So Shut UP.

And yes, last week I liked Pink. And the week before that. Well, Bette Sue mostly, but tonight she was even sort of a jerk about the elimination. In fact, I think they may be the poorest sports in Biggest Loser History. What do you think?

So. I'm obviously a little snarky? Sorry. Love ya. What did you think about the episode?

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