Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Random Thoughts and The Biggest Loser

I have watched The Biggest Loser Australia for three days on Fox Reality. The show's done differently there, but YAY! Bob's there!

Also watched The Biggest Loser Couples last night. Where's Kim, y'all? Did she just get dumped because Jillian decided to come back? That would suck.

TBL Couples I like:
The Pink Team - I hope Bettie Sue stops grousing about everything and being so negative. She could be fun, I think.
The Yellow Team - I'm a big ol' nosy butt, so I wanna know why she left him.
The White Team
The Blue Team

Couples I'm not crazy about:
The Orange Team
The Green Team - I found it ironic that Jenn was complaining about her father the entire episode, and even after they went home, but she was the person with the lowest weight loss. She absolutely REFUSED to acknowledge that if it weren't for her low weight loss, they wouldn't have been beneath the yellow line and his attitude would not have been an issue. I wanted them to stay, because I wanted him to get happy.
The Purple Team - Please stop whining. And telling us that since you're 22 years old, everything should be easier for you. It's not, is it?

In other news, I may check out Celebrity Apprentice later on this week. Don't know how long that'll stay on the play list, though.

What do you think about TBL Couples? And what else are you watching in The New Year?

Happy 2008, y'all!

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