Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance ~ June 25

Welcome to the show. It's late and I'm tired, so I can't guarantee that my comments will be concise or rational.

Could be more fun that way, huh?

Question Number One: Was Kat's nose always so crooked? Don't get me wrong - she's GORGEOUS. I just don't remember noticing her nose last season.

Now let's get on with the dancing.

Twitch and Kherington are up first with Hip Hop. I'm not gonna lie - I forgot to watch them. The judges liked 'em though.

Courtney and Gev - Rumba
I thought it was gorgeous, filled with emotion and I absolutely loved the music.

Tink: That was beautiful.
Big Daddy: I thought so.

Chris and Comfort - Yeah I don't really know what to say. Seriously. I don't know if it was good or not.

Jessica and Will - Disco
There were a couple of WOW moments, and the rest was completely boring. In my humble opinion. Big Daddy says they missed a turn and a lift.

Kourtni and Matt - Contemporary
Well, I liked it better than their previous performances.

Chelsea and Thayne - Quick Step
I'm sorry to be petty, but did she have on gold shoes with a gunmetal silver dress? Oh, no. And they should not have tried to give her an old-fashioned 'do. It just looks like a bad, raggedy wig. Oh, the dance? Meh.

The family liked it; the Mommy not so much.

Chelsie and Mark - Hip Hop
I'm not an expert on the Hippity Hop, but I thought it was good.

Katee and Joshua - Samba
I think it's the mark of an extremely good male dancer when he can make me watch him and ignore his partner. That's what I did here. Joshua reminded me of Emmitt Smith on Dancing With the Stars with his bit old thighs up there.

It's really hard this season, y'all. Everyone's pretty good at this point. Probably in trouble are Comfort and Chris, Jessica and Will & Chelsea and Thayne.

My favorites were Courtney and Gev.

Who were your favorites tonight, and who do you think should leave tomorrow? Let me know in the comments section!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nashville Star - Pop Goes Country (June 23)

My mind is scattered tonight, so my comments probably will be, too. We'll get through it, though.

Item Number One: Like A Prayer? Spare me.

Soldier Boy is in the bottom two. Hey, I support the troops - let's get that out there straight up front. And I know he's got a military haircut. BUT. Don't y'all think he should put it in a little mohawk instead of those stringy bangs? Let me hear your thoughts on the matter.

Gabe's singing Livin' La Vida Loca tonight. Yeah, he tore it up. He's gotta win this thing, y'all.

Pearl Heart singing Love Shack? Oh, I don't know about this. Okay, so vocally I liked them better than in past weeks, but it's even better when I'm not watching the kid.

Alyson Gilbert - I Think We're Alone Now
Pitchy start. And you know what? I thought she sounded much better in the taped piece than she did in the live performance. She said she didn't want it to be boring, but IT WAS.

Ashley Hewitt is singing Britney Spears. It was just weird for me. Oh, hold on...about half-way through it got more interesting.

Coffey's up next, and he's singing Umbrella by Rihanna. And I didn't like it. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Laura and Sophie singing Michael Jackson? Oh my, no. Let's see what happens, shall we? It was much better than I expected! As far as I can tell they didn't pick the song, so I think they did the best they could with the song and arrangement.

Shawn Mayer is up next with Bye Bye Bye. Risky, yes, but let me tell you this. SHE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. In other words, people, I LIKED IT.

Yay, Melissa Lawson is NOT in the Bottom Two! And she's singing True Colors. Y'all know I love my Arlington girl, but I did not like the beginning of this song. She pulled it out, though, and (cornball alert) her true colors shone through in the end.

Justin Gaston - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Hey, it didn't suck. It's amazing how much difference the arrangement can make in a song.

Finally we have Tommy Stanley singing Maniac. And yeah, it's not country AT ALL. So hopefully he's out of here tonight.

BUT he's not. Wah. Justin's gone this week.

My least favorites were Alyson, Tommy and Coffey, and I really loved Shawn and Gabe.

What do you think about tonight's elimination and who do you think should go home next week?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance ~ June 18

It's another week at So You Think You Can Dance. Mia Michaels' hair is platinum and Mary Murphy is bustin' out of that leopard-print dress, not to mention over-accesorized!

Chelsea and Thayne - Jazz
I love the dance, and I think they're both incredible, but her big old honkin' shoes are throwing me off a bit. Let me tell ya this, though - I was enthralled. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Also, Thayne totally rocked the guy-liner.

Oh my, Mia didn't like it at all. Didn't work for Mary or Nigel either, dang it!

Mark and Chelsie - Argentine Tango
Seemed like she was watching her feet a lot. is that the way it's supposed to be? Other than that, I didn't notice much. It was a nice dance, but nothing special.

And what's odd is that the judges loved it.

Jessica and Will - Hip-Hop
It was cute. I don't know jack crap about Hip-Hop, so I can't say much more than that. Big Daddy says, "It's not strong enough," whatever that means. I will say one more thing - the dance seemed awfully LONG.

Mia Michaels said she didn't even know Jessica was there, but thinks Will was genius. Mary agrees with her, but I don't. I thought Jessica was cute, but I guess Hip-Hop shouldn't be cute. Nigel thinks that Jessica did a really good job, too.

You know what, Mia is so black and white with everything, and I think it has more to do with her personal preferences than objective critiques. But that's just me.

Kourtni and Matt - Fox Trot
Hmm. I enjoyed watching him, but her...not so much. He just showed so much more personality and spark than she did.

Courtney and Gev - Contemporary
Wow. I think they may have fumbled a few holds, but I thought it was beautiful.

Two out of the three judges liked it, too.

Katee and Joshua - Broadway
Cute. Very fun. Hey, have you noticed that all these barefoot girls have really dirty feet? Yuck.

Wow, Nigel totally lost his mind over this number. And Mary's a hot emotional mess.

Susie and Marquis - Salsa
Yeah, it was okay. Pretty but rough. And what was that black stuff in her hair?

Judges didn't really like it.

Kherington and Twitch - Viennese Waltz
GORgeous. Touching. Beautiful.

Hey, is Mia a little bitchy tonight? She definitely has her favorites, and Kherington isn't one of them.

Comfort and Chris - Krumping
It was a'ight. Chris probably isn't hitting hard enough, but I like these guys so I hope they can make it through to next week.

Oh my, but Nigel hated it!

Okay, so my bottom three tonight?

Kourtni and Matt, although really just Kourtni. I completely enjoyed Matt.
Susie and Marquis.

Well, it appears I just have a bottom two. What about you? Who do you think should go home tomorrow night?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nashville Star - June 16

Laura and Sophie are up first tonight, and as much as I like these girls, tonight's performance is not EVEN as good as last week. I think whichever one of them was singing the alto part got shortchanged. Their tie-dye shirts are cute, though. John Rich likes 'em, Jewel's not as enthusiastic, and Shaggy Blonde Judge was the most harsh. Jeffrey Steele, that's his name.

Ashlee Hewitt - Ring of Fire
It was a'ight. I like Ashlee and I hope she sticks around, but I wasn't all that impressed. The judges loved her thought, so YAY.

Justin Gaston
Well. Hmmm. He's cute.

Y'all, I just don't think the talent here is anywhere as good as on American Idol. Are these seriously the best people who auditioned for this show? A lot of the performances seem very High School Talent Show to me.

Alyson Gilbert
Now THIS is a good voice, and she made the song hers.

Hey, I like Billy Ray Cyrus, but he's not a great host. I'm just sayin'.

Pearl Heart
Poor little Lead Singer Girl just seems so awkward. Their performance is okay, but hopefully she'll get more comfortable as time goes on.

Tommy Stanley - Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Yeah, I agree with Jewel - he's pretty ballsy to sing this song in front of John Rich. BUT, he worked it out, and it was GREAT!

Gabe Garcia
Holy Smokes, people, Gabe's the one to beat. Well, maybe him and Melisa Lawson. WOW.

Shawn Mayer - He Stopped Loving Her Today
She's out here to show John Rich she's not a bar singer. Did she do it? I don't know; I think she depends too much on her runs and affectations. She's got a VERY good voice, but I don't think she's learned what to do with it yet.

Coffey - Waiting on the World to Change
His voice is much more suited to this song than whatever it was that he sang last week. Judges didn't feel it though.

And p.s., why did they suddenly start pronouncing his name "COFF-AY?"

Melissa Lawson is in the bottom 2, and I'm sad about this. Talent-wise, I think she's in the Top 2. But do you think people didn't vote for her cause she's a Big Girl? Her performance tonight was - That's Right -Top 2.

Please oh please oh please oh please.

Third Town is up last, and they're singing Mountain Music. Crazy Hair Boy sort of sounds like a Chipmunk, doesn't he? They're good, though, I have to admit.

But I still want 'em to go home, cause that means that Melissa gets to stay.

Right? I hope I understand the elimination process. We'll see in a minute.

The finalist receiving the least amount of America's votes is...Third Town.

Oh, thank goodness. Whew! Well I'd better get over to and do some voting, huh?

Hey, who did you like tonight? Be sure and leave a comment to let me know what you thought.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I got hate mail!

Hey, you do not wanna miss the first comment on my Nashville Star post, cause it's oh so fun! I think the teens or tweens must be reading my blog, y'all!

I have officially hit the Big Time!

I'm disheartened by the fact that Candy thinks that Gabe would never fall for me, but it's just as well, you know, since I'm married and all.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Watching Nashville Star!

Hey, y'all. In the magnificent smorgasbord of summer television, I'm picking up some shows I haven't watched in the past. Tonight it's Nashville Star. I've seen an episode here and there in the past, but since the show's on NBC this season it caught my eye and we're giving it a whirl.

First let's talk about Taylor Swift. Are they serious with her? Cause y'all, she's gorgeous but she can't sing. We saw her on Regis a few weeks ago, and our opinion today is the same: She mainly yells, but when she actually sings, it's horrible. And John Rich says she's the biggest thing in country right now? I just don't get it.

Tink: Do we have to listen to this? Finally, she's done.

Okay, on to the contestants.

Pearl Heart

I'm not impressed with the lead singer but the background harmonies are very pretty. I guess the bar's pretty low, cause the judges seemed to like 'em.

Tommy Stanley

Yeah, not impressed with him either. Sorry. Nowhere close to sounding professional. But he's got beautiful eyes.

Shawn Mayer

She's a mechanic, works on a hog farm, and she's a volunteer fireman. A real renaissance woman!

I'm bored and John Rich doesn't look happy at all.

Third Town

Don't y'all think it's weird that TWO GUYS spell their name Toni with an I? And they're singing Elvira. They seemed like they were singing in more than one key. And not on purpose. But the voices were good. Other than the whole key thing, that is.


EW. I really wanted to like this guy cause he's from Texas, and he's got the whole single dad angle, but ugh.

Do y'all think that most contestants on American Idol are more professional and polished, overall?

Laura and Sophie

Wow, I can't believe these girls aren't sisters! Oh, and p.s. - they're my favorites so far. Yeah, they need some polish. But they've brought the most WOW in their voices and harmonies.

Gabe Garcia

He's from Lytle, Texas, so there's a point in my book already! Oh, and then he sings George Strait? And DOES IT GREAT! I heart his voice and he may be my Nashville Star boyfriend. Stay tuned.

Allison Gilbert

She didn't suck. In fact, in places her voice was pretty great. Good energy, too. Gratuitous run at the end, though. I agreed with John Rich that the beginning was rough.

Ashlee Hewitt

I think Ashlee has a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed her performance tonight, and can't wait to see what else she has to bring this season.

Charley Jenkins

Well, before Charley sings I'm afraid I may have another NS boyfriend. I hope Gabe doesn't get jealous. Hmmm...His voice sounds forced. I think he's got a good tone, but he needs some coaching or something. Pitchy maybe?

Well, I think the judges said what I couldn't figure out: Good guy, good voice, bad performance. The "performer" part of it was forced and unbelievable. So maybe he can fix this if he makes it through.

Justin Gaston

Pitchy. Or something. But there's potential here.

Melissa Lawson

Wife and Mother of 5! And she's another Texan! Please be good please be good please be good.

And she IS GOOD! It was the best performance all night, in my opinion. But she either needs a stronger undergarment or a longer shirt. I'm just sayin'.

So someone is going home tonight, I guess. And who's it gonna be? Bottom two are Charley and Allison, which I vehemently disagree with. Vehemently, I say. I've got it paused, cause I'm gonna tell you who my bottom two are. Let me look at my notes.

Okay, so my bottom two are Tommy, Shawn and Coffey. Yeah, I know that's three, cause I didn't like any of 'em. But the judges did, so let's see who's going home.

Charley. Crap.

Who did you like tonight, or who stunk it up? Leave a comment and tell me about it.