Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Watching Nashville Star!

Hey, y'all. In the magnificent smorgasbord of summer television, I'm picking up some shows I haven't watched in the past. Tonight it's Nashville Star. I've seen an episode here and there in the past, but since the show's on NBC this season it caught my eye and we're giving it a whirl.

First let's talk about Taylor Swift. Are they serious with her? Cause y'all, she's gorgeous but she can't sing. We saw her on Regis a few weeks ago, and our opinion today is the same: She mainly yells, but when she actually sings, it's horrible. And John Rich says she's the biggest thing in country right now? I just don't get it.

Tink: Do we have to listen to this? Finally, she's done.

Okay, on to the contestants.

Pearl Heart

I'm not impressed with the lead singer but the background harmonies are very pretty. I guess the bar's pretty low, cause the judges seemed to like 'em.

Tommy Stanley

Yeah, not impressed with him either. Sorry. Nowhere close to sounding professional. But he's got beautiful eyes.

Shawn Mayer

She's a mechanic, works on a hog farm, and she's a volunteer fireman. A real renaissance woman!

I'm bored and John Rich doesn't look happy at all.

Third Town

Don't y'all think it's weird that TWO GUYS spell their name Toni with an I? And they're singing Elvira. They seemed like they were singing in more than one key. And not on purpose. But the voices were good. Other than the whole key thing, that is.


EW. I really wanted to like this guy cause he's from Texas, and he's got the whole single dad angle, but ugh.

Do y'all think that most contestants on American Idol are more professional and polished, overall?

Laura and Sophie

Wow, I can't believe these girls aren't sisters! Oh, and p.s. - they're my favorites so far. Yeah, they need some polish. But they've brought the most WOW in their voices and harmonies.

Gabe Garcia

He's from Lytle, Texas, so there's a point in my book already! Oh, and then he sings George Strait? And DOES IT GREAT! I heart his voice and he may be my Nashville Star boyfriend. Stay tuned.

Allison Gilbert

She didn't suck. In fact, in places her voice was pretty great. Good energy, too. Gratuitous run at the end, though. I agreed with John Rich that the beginning was rough.

Ashlee Hewitt

I think Ashlee has a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed her performance tonight, and can't wait to see what else she has to bring this season.

Charley Jenkins

Well, before Charley sings I'm afraid I may have another NS boyfriend. I hope Gabe doesn't get jealous. Hmmm...His voice sounds forced. I think he's got a good tone, but he needs some coaching or something. Pitchy maybe?

Well, I think the judges said what I couldn't figure out: Good guy, good voice, bad performance. The "performer" part of it was forced and unbelievable. So maybe he can fix this if he makes it through.

Justin Gaston

Pitchy. Or something. But there's potential here.

Melissa Lawson

Wife and Mother of 5! And she's another Texan! Please be good please be good please be good.

And she IS GOOD! It was the best performance all night, in my opinion. But she either needs a stronger undergarment or a longer shirt. I'm just sayin'.

So someone is going home tonight, I guess. And who's it gonna be? Bottom two are Charley and Allison, which I vehemently disagree with. Vehemently, I say. I've got it paused, cause I'm gonna tell you who my bottom two are. Let me look at my notes.

Okay, so my bottom two are Tommy, Shawn and Coffey. Yeah, I know that's three, cause I didn't like any of 'em. But the judges did, so let's see who's going home.

Charley. Crap.

Who did you like tonight, or who stunk it up? Leave a comment and tell me about it.


~Candy~ B+B said...

I WOULD FIRST LIKE TO START BY SAYING THAT TAYLOR SWIFT HAS THE BEST VOICE IMAGINABLE SO I THINK YOU ARE A TONEDEAF MONKEY! i would also like to say that you are very wrong about pearl hearts lead singer she is great and i think you are just jealous ! How can you say you are not impressed with Tommy Stanley ! he serves for our counrtry and i like him alot ! oh yah shawn mayer was not boring . . . she is really good and fun to watch ! I agree that Third Town sucks ! i hate them ! the middle person sounds like a girl ! How dare you say coffey is EW ! he was great and i think you are racist ! first thing on laura and sophie . . . i thought they were twins ! ( until i found out there ages ) but yah they were amazing ! gabe was good and all but he would never fall for you ! i can tell ! but he is not the best ! as a matter of fact it is alyson not allison ! and she didnt suck at all so you cant even say that ! and all i have to say on ashlee is wow and i agree 100 percent with you on her ! i think charley is bad ! i dont think hes ready at all ! justin was awsome to so yah i know for sure by now that you are tonedeaf ! and melissa . . . dont get be started ! she is like so talented and all you can say is she needs a longer shirt ! you are mean ! just plain mean !

Jennifer said...

Lori, I am totally cracking up at your "hate mail!" Definitely a teen/tween. At least I hope there isn't an adult that would leave such a comment with all the lack of capitalization, the really weird puctuation ( a space between words and the "!" - blah, blah, blah ! - very weird), and lack of correct puctutation altogether, and the spelling errors...ok, I'll stop there...I'm sure there's much more. And though all that made the comment very difficult to read, I managed to get through it while laughing. It's just an opinion - good grief! LOL!

I don't watch the show, so I have no opinion. And though I do not agree that Taylor "has the best voice imaginable" by ANY means, I do kind of like her!

J.C. said...

The only one who is a "tone deaf monkey" is Taylor Swift. She SUCKS the big proverbial wiener!! And most people in Nashville feel this way too! As they so lovingly refer to her as "Taylor Twit". The only reason she got a contract was because of her "looks and age" which I'm not impressed with either. Have you seen her mama....that will be T.T. in about 15 years. She's a flash in the pan. And this blogger is supposed to be jealous of what??? Get over yourself. People can have "comments and opinions" also and just because they don't agree with you it doesn't make them "mean".

Lori (like I personally know you...ha) you are DEAD ON with most of these people. Good job!

Helen said...

I really enjoyed Ashlee Hewitt's performance. She gave me goosepimples and that tells me she is a great singer. I will totally tune in next Monday to see how she does!!