Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Was Kathie Lee Always Crazy?

Y'all, I think Kathie Lee Gifford is out of control.

I rarely watched Regis and Kathie Lee back in the day, because I worked for a living. So maybe she was crazy then and I didn't know it.

These days, I watch Regis and Kelly most mornings, because it comes on after our local Fox News, and oh yeah - because I like it! Kelly's funny and cute, Regis is funny and cranky, and it's just something nice to have on in the background.

So back to KL - Last week or the week before, when Heather Armstrong was on The Today Show, I watched the clip online. And Kathie Lee was a whack job. This subject has been addressed and re-addressed by half the Mom Bloggers in the universe, so I'll make just one point. The woman who talked about her kids every day, for humpteen years, on national television has a problem with bloggers talking about their kids on their blogs.


BUT THEN, y'all, this morning I turned on The Today Show. No reason. And Kathie Lee, she is all over the place. Her guest couldn't finish a sentence without KL interrupting with some sarcastic or corny or just inappropriate comment. Seriously, it was ridiculous.

She's condescending, she's a name-dropper, and she's rude and disrespectful to her guests. I really believe she thinks this is comedy or humor or whatever. But it's not funny.

And I have no idea why NBC thinks this is good for business.

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J.C. said...

Girl....you know Kathy "ME" is crazy...we all do! I'm really shocked with some of things she has said not only to guests, but to her co-hosts. I would snatch her bald-headed if she said some of that crap to me!