Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - The Grand Finale!

LIVE, from Hollywood, this is the Finale of Dancing With The Stars!

You know what? I didn't think I'd last through this season of DWTS, but now I'm actually sad it's over.


You know what else? I fast forwarded past Usher. Not interested.

Now we're learning who's in Third Place. EEK. It's my pretend boyfriend, Cristian. Double Wah.

Tink: Cristian was a good man. I can't believe they did that. Oh well, they don't need a trophy. Just like with Lightning McQueen, it's just an empty cup.

Their final dance was great. And Cheryl's costume was Beach Blanket Dominatrix. I crack myself up.

Poor Penn Jilette is still a big old oaf, but I wonder if he wouldn't look so awkward if he had worn better fitting clothes? Maybe not; what do I know?

I love Steve Guttenberg - and I think his dancing has improved, too.

My favorite segment so far? The Bro-mance clip of Cristian and Jason. TOOO fun.


I have a confession for y'all. It's now Wednesday Noon. I just ran out of things to say about the Grand Finale last night. But just in case you were dying to know what I thought, here are the highlights:

Usher bores me. And PS, he's also a bad lip synch'er.

All the PDA between the dancers sort of weirds me out, especially when so many of the stars are married folk.

Tom Bergeron is rarely funny.

Samantha Harris does little more than look good.

I saw such a transformation in Kristy Yamaguchi this season. She was always a good dancer, but she seemed to put so much more of her heart into it towards the end, and her personality became very relaxed and fun.

Why was Jason Taylor NFL's Man of the Year? I'm just wondering because the Dolphins didn't do very well, did they? I'm not saying he didn't deserve it; I just wonder what he DID to deserve it.

I also wonder why Edyta dresses like a sleaze. Seriously, I wonder about this.

I'm ready for Cheryl to get her hair off her cheek.

Still love Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani. They're the bomb.

Cristian is in a pilot that airs on USA, June 1. My DVR is set.

That's all, folks. I think Kristy deserved to win, but I wonder if anyone ever really had a chance with her skating background.

What's next? Maybe So You Think You Can Dance, although I don't know if I'll post about it every week. We'll see.

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