Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol Final 3 - May 13

THIS is American Idol. And I couldn't be less interested.

Y'all, I have watched every season since Season Two. And I have loved me some contestants and hated me some contestants. But this season? I've had my favorites, but I knew they wouldn't be Pop Music Icons, so I never expected them to make it through to the end. And they didn't. Actually, some of the first contestants eliminated were my favorites.

Like the stripper. See, I can't even remember the poor dude's name.

Carly had an incredible voice, but she dressed weird and screamed and grimaced too much. And come on, would you go on American Idol with a half-finished tattoo? I didn't buy that whole, "I haven't had time to finish it." Seriously. Do one square inch a week, and she could have had it finished between Hollywood and the regular season.

Moving on.

Brooke is a unique, quirky talent, but I'm not sure she could handle fame.

Jason - also unique, quirky, talented. But ditzy beyond belief.

So before we get to the performances tonight, I'll put it out there - I'm rooting for Syesha.


Oh my goodness, the mayor of Wherever, Utah has a handlebar mustache. And singing And So It Goes, here's Mr. David Archuleta.

Sounds like a lovely soloist from the Wherever Boys Choir.

Syesha is singing an Alisha Keys song. Pretty. And boring.

David Cook is singing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. This should be interesting. Love the song and so far, love him singing it.

I'm surprised. Not at him; at me. I LOVED IT. No longer bored.

But why did they keep spotlighting that 50s lady with the long blonde bob standing up in the audience?

It's a mystery. Oh wait, she's the Stage Manager? How weird that they would keep shooting her.


Archuleta is singing With You by Chris Brown.

Horrible. Just horrible. Embarrassingly horrible.

Syesha - Fever. She's looking forward to singing with a chair? I'm a little afraid. And confused.

The performance is good, although for some reason it reminded me of a scene in Imitation of Life where Sarah Jane is performing a revolving, rocking something. You know?

Maybe not.

Oh, and the judges didn't like it.

David Cook - Something by Switchfoot. I know this song, but don't like it. And I like his version even less. He seems off to me, especially in the beginning...no, all the way through. And wow, that was short.

Yep, Randy said it was pitchy. And Paula made another suggestive comment.

ROUND THREE - Who chose these songs? I wasn't paying attention. Oh, the producers.

Archuleta - I don't even know the actual name of this song. Will you be shocked if I tell you I was bored?

I'm tellin' y'all, this may be my last post about American Idol this season. I'm just not feelin' it these days!

Syesha - Hit Me Up
I liked it. But Sandy from Grease called, and she wants her pants back.

David Cook - I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
I really like this song, but what a strange arrangement for The Rocker Dude. Strings? And then when he decided to really get down and dirty, it seemed to be pitchy.

Randy? What say you? "It was okay for me. Very predictable. Very predictable."
Paula and Simon absolutely loved it, though.
Big shocker.

Well, I don't care who goes home tomorrow.

Wait, maybe I do. Maybe I'd just like for Cook to go home just to shake people up a bit. Really, I'd just love for Syesha to stay, but I don't see that happening.

Tell me, friends - what did you think of tonight's performances?


Mamacita said...

Your comments made me laugh! The comment about Sandy's pants from Grease cracked me up. Great review. :)

Lorrie said...

I think boredom has gotten to every blogger who's following AI this season.

I know syesha is going home tonight.

And as far as David A.'s first outfit goes: David, the last member called. He wants his Members Only jacket back.

Shoeaddict said...

It was David Cook's mom in the audience.