Monday, May 19, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - FINALE!

Wow, DWTS and American Idol both have their Finale this week!

I'm excited about Dancing With The Stars, but American Idol? I'm just ready for it to be over.

Hey, did y'all know that I have a thing for Cristian? And also Mark Ballas? Yeah, still do. Be advised.

I love watching the tape from rehearsals, because these guys are all so funny. Kristi even cracks a smile every once in a while!

So here comes the Cha Cha Face-Off. I'm so excitick (as my girls say)! And my boy Cristian is up first.

Does it seem like a double standard that I think Edyta dresses like a sleaze, but I love it when Cristian and Mark have their shirts hanging open? No? Good.

Rock that open purple shirt, Cristian! I thought their portion of the Cha Cha was great, although Cheryl seemed a little frantic in the beginning. She's not the one who's gonna win though, is she?

Now it's Jason and Edyta - doesn't really seem like a Cha Cha to me, but then what do I know? I know this - isn't the Cha Cha a Latin dance? Then I think the music should be Latin. OOH, but what a cute little flippity flip towards the end!

And once again, I can not watch Kristi when Mark is dancing Latin. Ha Cha Cha Cha Cha! Oh, but guess what, y'all? I'm watching Kristi, cause this swingy little Beach Blanket Bingo dress is as cute as it can be, and I promise you this - She looks more happy and more relaxed than she has all season long. And even though I want my Cristian to win, I LOVE Kristi in this dance!!

Loved the finale of this dance, especially the lift, but with the three of them side by side, I think Jason was the worst.

Oh, hold on - There are Scores!

Cristian - 26

Jason - 24 (There is no way that Jason was as good as Cristian, but Carrie Ann scored them both an 8. Biased much, Carrie Ann?)

Kristi - 30. I agree!

OOH, the Freestyle Round, and Kristi and Mark are up first. Oh. My Goodness. I think I may be a Kristi convert tonight! This routine is oh, so cute - a bit sloppy in places, but overall I loved it!

Scooter: Can you type my name in and say I said, "I like them," Okay?


Jason and Edyta's Freestyle is next, and he's got a big ol' beach ball. Edyta's wearing clothes, but of course they took 'em off ASAP. Hmmm...I don't know what to say. He had some good moves, and the lifts were absolutely great. Other than that...meh.

SCORE: 27 - Big Daddy thinks it's too low; I think it's too high.

Final Freestyle is Cristian and Cheryl. Still lovin' him. Their lifts and spins are MORE than phenomenal. I love that he's singing the song while he's dancing, and I'd just like to point out that that he's doing all this with one good arm.

Listen up, y'all. I can admit it when my favorites stink it up (Jason Castro/American Idol), but people, I think this performance was out of this world. I don't care if Jason Taylor did better lifts; Cristian and Cheryl had a better overall performance.

I like crusty old Len, but he's pissed me off now by simply comparing lifts instead of the entire performance. Jason Taylor did nothing great tonight but pick people up. Big Whoop.

Dang, I'm mad. Okay, Bruno? Yeah, Bruno doesn't want to get on my bad side; he's giving a better critique. Carrie Ann? Yeah, I don't know what she said. She's Paula tonight.

And my dadgum DVR cut off the scores, so I'm off to find out what happened next.

But let me tell ya this first - I'm okay with Kristi winning - although I still think she had an advantage over the others from the beginning. But if there's a second place, and Cristian's not in it, I'm gonna call someone a bad name.

Don't worry - it probably won't be you.

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Jennifer said...

Well dadgum it, I did it again - forgot to set my DVR (thats at least 2 if not 3 weeks in a row) and missed the beginning. So I totally missed the cha-cha's. I turned it on as they were getting scores. Oh well.

But I agree with everything you said about what I did see 100%!

And yes, this season of DWTS was FAR more entertaining than AI! I just told hubby earlier tonight that with all the hype about this being the best season ever of AI with the most talent yet, that for me it has been the most boring season! I'm just so over it. Which is probably pretty obvious since I quit posting recaps - I was just tired of saying the same thing over and over.
And if David Cook doesn't win, I may lose all hope in AI for good!