Monday, May 12, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - May 12

They're down to the Final Four on DWTS, and I like every one of them! I'll admit, it's hard for me to base my opinion solely on "talent." Everything's personal with me. So, having said that, here are MY Top 4, in order.

Cristian DeLaFuente
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Jason Taylor
Kristy Yamaguchi

I really like all four, but I've believed from the beginning that Kristy's skating background gave her such an advantage, and I hate to see her walk away with the win. I'm glad to see the guys giving her a run for her money these past few weeks!

I'm predicting even before I see the show that Marissa will go home this week. And possibly Cristian next week. But who knows? The American public is oh, so fickle, aren't we?

Shall we get on with the show, then?

First up are Jason and Edyta, and it would appear that Edyta is wearing almost an entire dress. Will wonders never cease?

I thought their Fox Trot was beautiful, and I SO enjoy watching Jason glide around that dance floor!


Jason's second dance tonight is the Pasa Doble. As usual, I really enjoyed it.

Yeah, it looks like Edyta realized she had on some clothes and decided to get naked on top again. And her girls almost jumped right of what little top she's wearing.

And both my 7- and 8-year-old saw that lift, people. But apparently the judges didn't.

Tink: Carrie Ann Inaba always sees the lifts, and she didn't say a word about it this time! Maybe she just doesn't want to make them feel bad.


Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani
WOW, sweet Tony's teeth are blinding me tonight! He's reminding me of that episode of Friends where Ross' teeth glowed in the dark.

Or is it just my TV?

Also, you know I'm a Marissa fan but I just don't believe that they can't find more flattering dresses for her! My girl is thick, y'all, and looks like a sausage in this type of dress. A sausage with feathers on the bottom.

Anyway, the dance. Pretty, and very quick. But I think she may have missed a few steps. Bruno noticed, darn it!

SCORE: 26 Bruno was trippin', y'all, over the trip-up. Whatever, Bruno.

Marissa's second dance is a Rumba tonight. I was a little bit bored. Oh, and Carrie Ann hated it, and got MAD at the other two judges for giving a good review. Wow.


Cristian DeLaFuente and Cheryl Burke
Hey, I could watch Cristian in rehearsal for weeks. Rumpled is definitely a good look for him.

I don't mean to be cruel, but Cheryl's dress is gagging me, y'all. It's somehow reminding me of aluminum soda cans, especially at the top. Or maybe an art school project. Oh, and also I don't like this song. At all.

But Vote! For Cristian! That's my boy!


Cristian's doing the Samba next. Thanks, C, for leaving that shirt unbuttoned. And for the great hip action. I love it! The footwork was great, and did I mention the hips? Oh, okay.


Kristy Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas
WOW, is this Tango fast! It seems a little bit frantic to me. The footwork is very intricate at times, which is impressive. But overall, I'm not crazy about the performance.

Bruno and Carrie Ann loved it, though.


The final dance tonight is the Jive, and I'm looking forward to watching Mark...oh, and Kristy too.

Hate the music.

The dance was cute but I didn't think it was spectacular.


I loved watching Len giving instruction to all the contestants in the taped piece tonight. In fact I think I'd REALLY love to see Len dance some time!

I still think it will probably be Marissa going home this week, but you never know. I think my favorite was really Cristian, especially the 2nd number.

What did you think?

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