Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Idol - Hollywood Round #1

Okay, so I sort of bailed on posting about the first-round auditions. Let's face it - it sort of all runs together. There wasn't really a stand-out whacky person, and we didn't really get to see many of the contestants who made it through.


Let's get to Hollywood, shall we?

I think Barry Manilow has had some work done, don't you? He's my fave.

And now we're on to the first eliminations. I DO NOT get why people act like total fools when they're eliminated. Seriously, as Simon told young Dennis, "You just reinforced my decision...."

Y'all, this little Nathaniel with the earrings in his face? How precious is he?

Oh, and Anoop? Love him.

Also loving Rose from Idaho with the blonde dreadlocks. She's a doll.

I am SO surprised that Nick Mitchell came to Hollywood with this Norman Gentle schtick. The guy can freaking sing; why does he insist on diluting it with the foolishness? And somehow he got through to the next round.

Bikini Girl is ridiculously arrogant and I'm very disappointed with Simon for supporting her. Hopefully it's a joke. It's got to be a joke.

Still love Jeremy Sarver from Jasper, Texas. So glad he's through to the next round.

Love David Osmond, love Emily the Punk Rock Girl.

And here's where my closing would go if I had time to write one.

How was it for you? Do you have any favorites yet?