Monday, May 5, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - May 5

LIVE, From Hollywood, THIS IS Dancing With The Stars.

And it's my Tinkerbell's 7th birthday, people. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Kristi and Mark
Quick Step
Meh, I don't think it's all that great. And I don't like her hair. Len liked the dance, though, as did Bruno, but Carrie Ann thought they got out of synch for a bit.


Oh, have I mentioned that I like to watch Mark Ballas dance? Especially the Latin dances. Oh, and p.s., Kristi's great this time, too. Love. It. Except it got awkward at the end.

SCORE: 26 - It's ironic that when I like their performances, the judges don't. Sorry, Kristi.

Mario and Karina
Viennese Waltz
I thought it was beautiful! All the judges did, too. And tonight, for the first time, Mario is reminding me of Chris Rock.


The Jive
The Jive is Latin? Did Not know that. I love the colors in their costumes. Heck, I love the whole thing! I'm not a very big Karina fan, but the combination of her choreography and his movement is just great. Bruno disagrees with me, of course.

A dance expert, I Am Not. I just know what I like.


Marissa and Tony
Fox Trot
Have I mentioned how much I love Tony Dovolani and his startlingly white teeth? Yeah, I do. I love Marissa too. So anyway, the dance. Oh, and I think her dress is oh, so unflattering. The lift was so cute, and I think they did great.


Aw, look how cute her little legs are when they're moving fast! But I think she may have missed a step or a move or something in the beginning. That big ol' hair of hers looks great flying all over the place, too. And the spin at the end was great! And this dress was MUCH more flattering!


Jason and Edyta
Dang, y'all. This is dynamite. But I counted 3 lifts. Can Edyta just do whatever she wants to or what?


Man, this girl hates to wear clothes, doesn't she? Oh look, I love it when Jason moves his hips. But didn't that lift just look like showing off?

SCORE: 23 (Lowest score tonight?)

Cristian and Cheryl
My poor baby with his little ruptured tendon is up now. And he's apparently dancing with a black and white dodo bird. In a white dress. With black underwear. To Beat It.


Dang, y'all, that lift was incredible! But seriously, those feathers are cracking me up.


Aw, look at Cristian's cute glitter arm cover. Wow, I love his footwork and his hips. Oh goodness, my boy is finally showing his Latin roots in this dance! And oh my goodness at the lift!

SCORE: 29!

So, a recap? In order, for me, Cristian, Marissa, Mario, Kristi, Jason. But who knows what will actually happen.

Did you vote tonight? Who do you think will go home tomorrow? We'll see tomorrow night!

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Jennifer said...

I think I agree with you 100%! Though I missed the first 3 dances - I was outside and I thought I had my DVR set. Guess I didn't!
Was there supposed to be a limit on lifts? I know they were allowed, but did Edyta do more than they were supposed to? Since I missed the beginning, I didn't know if that's the case. And yes - I do think she hates to wear clothes. I actually thought to myself, "She might as well dance naked!"

And the results (thanks that I can always count on you to see who went home - your recap is the next best thing to watching!) I'm happy with.