Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - May 13 Results

It's time to find out who stays and who goes on to the finals. I think they're all great, so I'll be a bit disappointed no matter who goes home tonight.

Lots of boring filler...

Oh boy, they've brought back the little Juniors! Love. Them! The little green couple are just adorable, and so precise!

I love the bro-mance going on between Cristian and Jason. But my boy Cristian needs to go ahead and take Jason out.

More Juniors! The little pink kiddos are great, but not as good as they were last time. I think the greens were better tonight.

Wait, we're not done with the Juniors - here are some bigger ones dancing the Pasa Doble. Is it tacky that I'm not paying attention to their names?

Is that why everyone stopped commenting? Because I'm tacky?


Juniors in Black are In.Credible. Ridiculously, freakishly, unbelievably incredible.

And with 10 minutes left in the show, we're finally getting to THE RESULTS, people.

Kristy and Mark are safe.

Commercial Break.

Jason and Edyta are safe, too.

That leaves Marissa or Cristian to leave tonight. My two faves. Wah. And it's Marissa and Tony going home tonight. But y'all! She got to the Final Four with her little stubby self! I'm oh, so proud of my little chunky girl.

And I hate to review and run, but I'm off to watch American Idol now.

But Marissa and Tony rocked, didn't they?

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Shoeaddict said...

Brittany and Brandon (the 13 and under dancers) were so fantastic! The dance along with the song from "Phantom" gave me the chills!

Marissa is my HERO!