Monday, November 12, 2007

Amazing Race - The Ronald Is A Lunatic Episode

I haven’t figured out the best way to arrange my comments yet, so let me know if this makes sense or seems disjointed to you.

Hoist it or Hunt it – At first glance, I’d definitely pick Hoist It. Seems like it would go quickly. Oh, but there are all sorts of knots they have to do. Hmmm...maybe Hunt It instead?

Nicholas and Donald – I loved when Nicholas called Kynt “Pinkie.” Oh, holy night, Gramps stripped down to his Speedo to jump the ditch. Can you please tell me why Gramps had on a Speedo to begin with? Ugh. “My Grandpa made it over the river, showing that anger and frustration pays off in the end.”

Ronald and Christina – Wow, he really went off on Nicolas for being rude in the airport, didn’t he? Maybe Nicholas was rude; he was definitely aggressive. I just don’t understand why Ronald got so upset when it didn’t have anything at all to do with him.

I’m starting to think that Ronald may be a little crazy. He’s wasting time ranting and...WOW, yeah, he’s definitely crazy. Totally in left field. Hopefully it’s temporary, cause WOW. And hello, dude, this is a race, so stopping in the road to make sure your daughter understands exactly how little you respect her isn't good game...or very human, for that matter!

Oh my goodness, and he can’t even shut his trap long enough for her to jump the ditch. He wants her to stand there listening to him degrade her instead of trying the jump again. Unbelievable.

TK and Rachel – So glad they didn’t start yelling at each other over Hoist It. I think it’s pretty funny that she had to go down and finish the challenge. And she’s not the only chick who hauled that stuff, either! These girls are strong!

Lorena and Jason – Things seemed ridiculously easy for them on this leg of the Race. They hauled that furniture like pros, and then he flew over that ditch quick, didn’t he?

Well that’s it for this week, folks. Tune in next week when Ronald sinks further into a parallel universe where it’s okay to berate someone for Every Single Thing They Do, and then rant some more when they ask you to stop.


shoeaddict said...

Our (mine and my mom's) thoughts:

We were wondering why Ronald was so mad at Nicholas, too. WTH?

Lorena and Jason's "Baby" and "I love you" are gonna get old... FAST. They were quite efficient.

I felt very sorry for Christina.

I loved the Paw Paw in the speedo- not like that- it was funny!!!

We are just dismayed that there are no married couples. NO the LESBIAN couple doesn't count to us. Sorry.

Karen said...

My husband and I usually watch this show every season but this year half way through the first episode we just looked at each other and said, "Let's go read."

I'm serious. There was not one single team I felt like rooting for. Maybe next time.

dcrmom said...

This is my favorite show, but I haven't gotten into it yet this year. I guess it's always like this at the beginning, when you don't "know" anyone yet. I pretty much agree with your commentary.