Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Idol - And Then There Were 8

Here we go with 8 boys, y’all.

Please advised that I’m writing this post on my lovely new Spring Green laptop.

I’m positively giddy.

In the past I’ve typed my AI posts on a 10-year-old laptop with no internet connection, saved it to a 3.5 floppy, then opened the file on my desktop and copied it to my blog. Kind of labor intensive and not very fun at all.

Now I’m having fun, and the show hasn’t even started yet! Okay, let’s push Play and get this party started, people.

Random comment number one: Paula may be high. I’m just sayin’. Her eyes look suspiciously droopy.

Luke Menard - Oh no, he is NOT singing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go! I fear this is a tragic mistake. Possibly his last. I’m not ashamed to admit that I like this song, but I DO NOT think it’s right for this competition.

WOW, did you know Paula choreographed George Michael’s tour? I’m sincerely impressed.

Simon and Randy didn’t like it…are we surprised?

David Archuleta sings a Phil Collins song. Is this kid for real? He is just oh, so talented! I think the ending was a little rough, though.

Randy wasn't crazy about it...says it was nice. Paula thinks the fact that he missed a couple notes is a good thing. Go figure. Simon thought he wasn't as good as last week and a bit gloomy.

Tink: I'm voting for him, Momma.

Danny Noriega reminds me of a little gay Sanjaya. Votefortheworst.com is promoting him, which means he may be around for a week or two longer, at least. Unfortunately.

Tink: He was really acting like a real weird girl. And Danny always rolls his eyes at Simon.

David Hernandez is singing a song I don't know. Big Daddy says it's a Celine Dion song, which explains why I don't recognize it. I do my best to avoid hearing Celine Dion songs...oh, but I have heard this one. Just wasn't expecting a guy to sing it.

But I like it, except he kinda clashed with the background singers part of the time. Seemed to me like he started out nearly perfect, and then got kinda off in the end. Randy agrees about missing some notes, but thinks it was a good song choice. Paula thinks it was great. Simon thinks it wasn't as good as last week, but that he's guaranteed to go through to next week.

Michael Johns sings Don't You Forget About Me. I'm not crazy about it. Sounds a little bit awkward to me. And I think he's very pitchy.

Big Daddy: I think he's doin' a good job.
Pooh: Me too.
Tink: I don't. I agree with Momma.

I guess Randy liked it. Hmm. Paula thinks he picked the perfect song and likes the hopping thing he does, whatever that means. Simon liked it, didn't love it, but he really, really likes him.

David Cook sings Hello from Lionel Ritchie. I have to tell y'all, this song recalls very weird memories for me. When I was in college I had very bizarre roommates (not sure what that has to do with anything, but they were CRAZEE). For several weeks I had a horrible time sleeping, I had awful nightmares, and this song ran through my mind All The Time. Probably because of the absolutely creepy video. Drove. Me. Crazy.

Oh, but did I like the song? I don't know, I really didn't pay attention, because did I mention the song weirds me out? Paula and Randy loved it, though. And Simon, he also loved it.

For the record, I still can't stand this guy's hair.

Jason Castro is from Rockwall, Texas! I dated a guy from Rockwall once. Didn't end well at all.

When did this become a walk down Memory Lane?

OOH, I don't know this song, either, and I'm not sure about it.

But Tink's excited because he's singing Hallelujah. Randy gives him props, thinks the level of difficulty was high. Paula thinks he showed a beautiful vulnerability and that his phrasing makes him unique. Simon thinks it was absolutely brilliant, and his strongest performance so far. Good, because I like him if not the song.

Chikezie is singing She Fills Me Up. This was originally a chick song, right? Eh, he's a'ight. Simon thinks it wasn't a very smart move.

So, what do y'all think? I'm voting for David Hernandez and maybe Luke Menard this week. I know Luke wasn't very good, but I'd just like to see him get one more chance, you know? And don't you think Luke Menard is a super-cool name? Archuleta was good, but everybody and their grandmother's gonna be votin' for him, so he doesn't need me.

Who did you vote for tonight?

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Jennifer said...

Funny, we had some similar thoughts tonight. I actually told Chip that I thought Paula had taken too much pain medication.
I don't like David Cook's hair either!
OK, so you should be super proud of me, because my post is already up too! Though I didn't get to type it up on a cool, new, green laptop. I had to hand-write my notes and then come to my regular ol' non-laptop computer (that is lots of years - can't remember how many - old!) and type it in. But hey, I'm not jealous. Nope. Not me!