Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Results 3/26

Results time, y'all.

But first, let's do a 5-minute taped plug for iTunes.

I never can remember what to capitalize in those i names. iPhone, IPod, I don't know.

Oh, the results? Chikezie's in the bottom 3. Probably to be expected. Oh no, and Syesha? I disagree.

Oh, I do not like this viewer question segment, but Big Daddy won't let me fast forward through it.


Hey, Kimberly Locke. I really like her, and she seems to be one of the most consistently successful former contestants, at least of those who didn't place in the Top 2.

Idol Gives Back, etcetera, etcetera.

Finally, back to the results. And Ramiele is safe - I'm VERY surprised. So it's down to Jason or Kristy Lee Cook. And Jason goes down to the Bottom Three.

ACK. Right now I wouldn't want to see any of these three go. My opinion is that Ramiele should have gone home tonight.

Jason's safe, so that means it's Chikezie or Syesha, and did I already say I don't want either of them to go? But since one of them has to, I guess I'd like it to be Chikezie.

And it is. Bye, dude.

And bye, y'all. Did ya agree?

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Jennifer said...

First, I think I'm going to throw my DVR OUT THE WINDOW!!! It messed up and skipped several parts. It actually only recorded like 46 minutes, and most of the stuff it skipped was right at the end. I totally missed Ramiele being safe and Jason not, and then sent back. (Why couldn't it have skipped over the question segment instead?)

Anyway...Two shockers for me - that Syesha was IN the bottome and Ramiele was NOT! What's up with that? I so totally agree that Ramiele needs to hit the road -how does she keep squeaking through? Hmmm...she must be the new "vote for the worst" contestant!
I was so sad to see Chikezie go, I don't think he should have. I actually think that maybe Jason should have gone before Chikezie. Oh well.

I'll try to get back in the game and get my post up next week!