Monday, March 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - March 24

Hey, Guys! Here we are with the beginning of another great week of reality programming. Let's start it off with Dancing With The Stars and cruise on into American Idol tomorrow night.

And off we go...

Steve Guttenberg - I'll start by saying that I really like Steve. A lot. But bless his heart, as much as he wants to do this and do it good, the judges don't like his performance. Me? I thought he danced well, but the choreography seemed VERY easy.

Score: I don't know, I was multi-tasking.

Christian de la Something - Ha cha cha cha cha. He's still a hot tamale, but his performance wasn't that great.

Score: Still multi-tasking.

Monica Selles - I have some mixed feelings about this performance. Part of the time there's so much more personality, and others she still seems to be walking through it. Wow, Bruno sort of says the same thing; on again, off again.

Score: 15

Penn Gillette - I thought he did much better than last week. Seems like sometimes his steps look awkward just because he's trying to stay in sync with her and he's so tall. My main gripe with Penn is that when the judges are giving their feedback, he's talking back the whole time. I hate that.

Score: 17 Shut up, Penn.

Priscilla Presley - I'm not going to say anything about her plastic surgery this week. I might, however, mention that I wish she wouldn't wear such dark eye makeup. I read somewhere that's the way Elvis liked it, but I think it's time she moved on to something more flattering. And speaking of flattering, the dress is not.

I wasn't all that impressed with the performance, either. The judges liked it, though. Shades of Jane Seymour and Marie Osmond?

Score: 21

Shannon Elizabeth - She looks so pretty tonight, and even though I wasn't crazy about the silver dress to begin with, once she started moving it was gorgeous! I'm kind of like Paula on American Idol tonight, "First of all, you look gorgeous!"

I loved the performance, and Len said it's the best dance so far tonight!

Score: 24

Jason Taylor - You know, he's almost as big as Penn, isn't he, but he doesn't have a problem looking good. Did I say good? I mean GREAT! The judges think so, too.

Score: 27

Marissa Jaret Winokur - I loved Tony in the taped piece - so encouraging when she was feeling discouraged. And I loved their performance! The judges all thought they were much improved over last week.

Score: 21

Adam Carrolla looks great in his taped piece - I hope he does that good live! Hmm...not so much. He seems a lot stiffer than he did in rehearsal. Maybe they should let him perform in sweats.

Hey, did y'all know the Jonas Brothers are performing on tomorrow night's results show? Who could miss the 147 mentions of said performance? Enough already.

Score: 19

Marlee Matlin - I'm speechless. She can't hear the music, y'all. And she was only looking at her partner some of the time. Yet she was on beat almost the entire time. And beautiful, by the way.
Score: 24!

Kristi Yamaguchi - Well. Didn't like the dress, DID like the dance. Was it a mambo, though? Judges loved it!

Score: 27

Mario - I thought it was good, but it sure did seem short to me.

Score: 26

My favorites tonight? Well, I need to tell you that I usually root for the underdogs, so my favorites were the obvious, Kristi and Marlee, and then I'm also rooting for Marissa and Steve.

Who should go home? Probably Monica and Penn, or maybe Carrolla.

What do you think?

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Jennifer said...

I agree with your assessment almost 100%! I actually liked Pricilla's dance and couldn't stand Penn's!