Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol - Top 8 Girls

It's the last 8 girls tonight, y'all, and if it's okay with you I'll get right to it.

Asia'h Epperson sings I Wanna Dance With Somebody. EH...

Big Daddy and Tink liked it. Randy and Paula liked it. I'm ambivalent, but I may just be tired.

Kady Malloy is singing a song I don't know. And I'm unimpressed.

Randy thinks it's all right, and Paula thinks it's her best performance to date. Simon is still having issues with her "massive lack of personality."

Amanda Overmyer looks great wearing a do-rag in her taped piece, much better than when her Lily Munster hair is showing. I guess the song's all right, but the Steven Tyler scarf is killing me. And she did just a little bit of a Mick Jagger rooster walk. I think that's my problem with this chick - everything seems like an act with her.

The judges all thought she was fantastic, so I guess Amanda's around for another week, at least.

I don't know the song that Carly Smithson's singing, either...wait, maybe I do...either way, she's singing it great. I don't think her pants are very flattering but I love her hair and lipstick. The hair rocks.

Randy says it's "another great performance," and Paula says "you are like a dependable dog." Whatever that means. Simon thinks she's a thousand times better than the song she chose, and of course he can't finish talking because everyone's booing him and Ryan's talking over him.

Am I the only one who's getting sick of this schtick? The whole Simon bad, Ryan superior, Paula and Randy good triangle? Sick of it. Change it up a bit, y'all. We're not all Jerry Springer fans out here.

And now I'll get off my soapbox and listen to Kristy Lee Cook. Singing one of my favorite songs ever - Faithfully from Journey. Sounds almost country...bluesy...sort of like Bonnie Raitt. Big Daddy thinks the song's not for her, but I think it's interesting. The end was rough, though.

Randy thought it had a country lilt and "actually liked it." Paula completely agrees. Simon still thinks her problem is that she's forgettable.

Ramiele Malubay - Take A Look At Me Now - In my opinion, this is her worst performance to date, and she's been one of my favorites.

Randy thinks it's a pretty good vocal but wishes she was more confident. Paula rambles. Simon thought it was very old-fashioned and a bit predictable.

Brooke White - Love is a Battlefield is a interesting choice for her; let's see how it goes. I Love Her Voice, and the arrangement is very unique. So far, so good. OOh, I like it. This girl is Number One, without a doubt.

Randy liked it BUT...I don't know what his problem was. The judges seem awfully distracted - even ADHD tonight. Paula thought Brooke should have incorporated the band more, and I think Paula is full of crap. Just a guitar and her voice was MAGIC. Simon? That's right...he agrees with me, and thinks it's a great performance.

Syesha Mercado brings us Saving All My Love For You, and does a pretty good job of it, I think. I liked Syesha in the first auditions, but haven't really enjoyed any of her performances in this round until now. The judges all say it's good and don't have much else to say, other than that she should make it into the Top 12.

So who should go home tomorrow? I hate to say it, but probably Kady, along with...I don't know...Asia'h? Ramiele? It's getting harder to say as we get further along.

My favorites? Definitely Brooke and probably Kristy Lee Cook or even Syesha for this week.

We'll see what happens tomorrow...

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Jennifer said...

We did think a lot alike, didn't we? I tell ya though, after the way Paula has acted for 3 nights, I'm waiting to hear that she's checked into some rehab somewhere - she's been really out there!
I'm really upset that Asia'h went home instead of Amanda or Ramiele though!
Sooooo glad Kady and Danny are gone!