Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - March 25

Okay people, it's 11:40 pm and we're just now starting to watch the show. So. Please keep that in mind when you're reading my review. When I'm tired, sweetness is sometimes the first to go.

Oh, and thanks, American Idol, for making me feel 93 years old by having most of these kids sing songs that were released after I graduated high school.

Ramiele Malubay - What in the Sam Hill is she wearing? And also, even though her voice is big enough for this song, she seemed to be off key the entire time. Surprisingly, Simon liked it!

Jason Castro - I really like Jason, but I'm not feeling this song. At all. I can hear the backup singers almost more than him. Plus, have you ever noticed the weird things he does with his mouth when he's singing?

Syesha Mercado - It's pretty. I like it. I'm so glad that she finally, as Paula said, "flipped it."

Speaking of Paula, what's up with the leather gloves and faux diamonds? I like that 80s thing, but don't think it goes with that delicate top.

Hey, everyone else is doin' it; I may as well start doing fashion commentary, too. Except mine isn't "I Think I'm Cool Fashion Commentary." It's "Get A Load Of My Whack Fashion Views That Couldn't Be Further From Current Trends."

It'll be fun.

Okay, let's get back to the singing.

Chikezie - I liked his performance. Just like with Jason, seemed like the backup singers were too loud in places. Other than that, it was good for me. Randy didn't love it for him, because it was old school.

What's wrong with old school, DAWG?

Brooke White - Wow, her parents look young! She had a false little start there, but now it's sounding better. Gosh, I just love Brooke's voice. I would probably buy anything she recorded, as long as it wasn't thrash metal or something weird like that.

As if I know what thrash metal is.

Okay, overall I guess it was a boring performance but have I mentioned that I love her voice?

Michael Johns is, I think, the oldest contestant on the show. He's doing We Will Rock You, which is more yelling than singing. Now that he's going into We Are The Champions, I'm enjoying it...except for the backup singers. What's up with them tonight? Or is the sound guy who's the problem? Ugh...now the end is not as good as the beginning.

The judges think Michael got it right.

Carly Smithson - Also love her voice. Liked everything but that last run. WOW, Randy thought it was just OK.

I think he's on crack. He said he didn't like "the whole rock thing." I agree with him about the last run, but the rest was great.

I'm so surprised that Simon didn't like it much, either.

David Archuleta - His performance seemed very inconsistent to me. I heard some great sounds, and then some sections were very off or just bland.

Kristy Lee Cook is up. I read today that in 2000, she was signed with Britney Spears' label or management group or whatever and Britney was supposed to be her mentor.

Yeah, how'd that work out for ya?

Singing God Bless The USA? Let's see how this goes...I bet the judges hate it. For me it was good in places, pitchy in others. Hey, Randy agrees with me, and so does Simon! Wow, y'all, I am really surprised, because I thought the song would be too corny for these jaded judges!

Coming out last tonight is David Cook. Hair check...yep, I still hate it. A lot. I like the song arrangement, though. And the judges thought it was amazing.

So what's gonna happen this week, y'all? I don't think I can pick a favorite, but I'll tell ya - I think either Ramiele or Jason's gonna be doing the walk of shame tomorrow.

See ya next time!


Headless Mom said...

Just stopping by from Boo...predicting is hard this year, Huh? (From one blogger to another,) Anyway, I wanted to make sure you had a comment on this post!

Jennifer said...

Again, I agree almost totally with you. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Though I like Michael better tonight than I have since the top 24 were announced. And I LOVED David Cook - I thought he was amazing. I was thinking, I know this song - it's very familar, and once I realized what he was singing, I was blown away. I actually got chills - I loved it that much!
Anyway....Obviously I didn't get my post up this week - oh well...but I predicted that Ramiele, Jason and Chikezie would be the bottom 3...