Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol Top 10 Results

Tonight we find out who's in the Top 10, which means they make the American Idol National Tour.

Do y'all watch the group numbers at the beginning of the show? I usually fast forward through, but the parts that I caught tonight were just painful! At one spot, Brooke and Ramiele were supposedly singing, except that I could only hear Brooke. I mean it, they didn't even have Ramiele's mike on, and Amanda was so obviously fake singing that it was ridiculous.


I can not believe that Carly Smithson is in the Bottom 3 tonight. They just cut to a shot of her and I can tell that she can't believe it, either. She's got to know that she belongs in the Top 3, not the bottom.

I can, however, believe that Kristy Lee Cook is in the Bottom 3. Sorry, Kristy, but it's true.

Now they're doing this silly Fan Question segment, which I hear is taped in advance. It's also stupid, in my opinion.

Again, I am sick of The Ryan Cuts On Simon Show. It drives me crazy. Randy and Paula do it too, but Ryan's ridiculous.

Kellie Pickler's performing tonight and I really like this girl! Cute song.

Wow, this show is long tonight!

Amanda completes the Bottom 3, and you know that I hope she's the one going home. Things don't always (or even often) go the way I think they will, so we'll see.

Please be advised that Big Daddy says if Carly goes home, he won't be watching any more.

Thank goodness Carly's safe, and WOW, even Kristy Lee's staying another week. Amanda's going home this week, guys. Sorry if you're a fan, but I'm not. I think she may have had talent, but it was almost obscured by that hair, that makeup and those ridiculous clothes, not to mention the yelling.

What did you think tonight? Did the right person go home?

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Jennifer said...

Absolutely, 100% happy with the results! I was totally shocked that Carly was in the bottom - I think that should have been Ramiele in her place. I was not at all surprised that Kristy was there - I do think she deserved to be. But I think the right one went home - there was just nothing new or different we were going to hear from her. I hope Kristy can prove herself next week, but I don't have really high hopes. I think she's been in the bottom so many times now that it doesn't even shake her up enough to step it up a notch! But I am definitely glad she made the top 10 and not Amanda.
Oh, and I think this is the worst group yet to sing together - they just don't mesh well at all. It's like a bunch of different random singers singing parts of songs, not much harmony going on. I actually cringe at times listening to them!