Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol - The Girls

Before I get started on the recap, I need to tell you a couple things.

Item Number One: I accidentally deleted the Guys' show from my DVR, hence no commentary on the guys. I have heard, however, that it's quite obvious that Little David is being promoted to win. We'll see.

Item B: I haven't really gotten into the show yet this season, so I know my commentary is pretty basic and mostly negative. I hope that as we go along, I'll become more interested.

NOW let's get to it, shall we?

Syesha Mercado sings Me and Mrs. Jones. Although she changed it to Mr. Jones. I thought parts of it were good and parts were blah. Randy and Paula are with me and Simon didn’t like it at all. I do agree with Simon that it was just weird to hear her singing a song written for a man to sing.

Brook Whoever - Well, she’s been compared to Carly Simon, and now she chooses a Carly Simon song. I liked it, and so did the judges. Especially Simon!

Ramiele Malubay sings Don’t Leave Me This Way. I don’t think it’s the best song for her. She can sing SO MUCH better than this. Randy and Paula agree with me, and Simon agrees with them.

Kristy Lee CookYou’re No Good. I like it, but will the judges? OOH, she kinda growled there. Judges? Yay, they liked it. Simon thinks she has real potential but that maybe she’d make a stronger impression if she sang Country.

Big Daddy – She’s got my vote through and through.

Amanda Overmyer – Still don’t get it. Carry On My Wayward Son is one of my all-time favorites, so I thought I might like her performance tonight. Except her voice sounds awful when she’s not yelling and I can’t stand to watch her dance. Randy didn’t think it was the right song choice. Paula agreed and Simon absolutely hated it.

Also, Lily Munster called, and she wants her hair back.

Alaina Whitaker may be going home this week. It’s so hard to make Hopelessly Devoted To You sound spectacular. It’s a pretty song, but un-fabulous. Randy said exactly what I’m thinking. Even when she had the chance to belt it out, she lost the note. Simon thought it was pageant-y, but that she’s a dark house and could come back strong.

Tinkerbell: That’s pretty. I’m voting for her, Mommy. I think she did perfect. I don’t think she should lose this time. I think she should win.

Alexandrea LushingtonIf You Leave Me Now is another one of my favorite songs. Can you tell I come from the 70’s? The arrangement seems sort of disjointed, her outfit is strange, and her vocals are weird. And the ending sounded like a whole different song. What. Is. Up?

P.S. Alexandrea is wearing Big Daddy’s Work Pants.

Scooter: Nuh uh, Momma, she’s very far away in the TV, and she can’t find ours house to get Daddy’s pants.

Tink: I like it.

Kady Malloy – Singing a Heart song, and it starts off ROUGH. She sounds totally off key, poor thing. SIMON says he’s never heard the song before? Seriously? They didn’t listen to Heart in England? Also, Kady has a hard time concealing her displeasure when she’s criticized. Gotta work on that if she sticks around.

Scooter: I think it’s beautiful, Momma.
Tink: It is rock ‘n roll music, but I don’t like it.

Asia’h EppersonAll By Myself - Oh my, this sounds very awful starting out. And doesn’t get much better in my opinion. I can’t even describe what’s wrong with it. Judges? Randy thinks she did a good job, and Paula thinks she brought it home in the end. Simon disagrees. I think Asia’h has a unique voice, and she has to be very careful in the songs she chooses. Also, and by the way,

Thank goodness it's over. I think the best were Brooke and maybe Kristy Lee Cook. Leaving? I hope we say goodbye to Amanda, for sure. Other than her, I'm not sure. Maybe Alaina, Kady or Alexandrea.

We'll see tonight!

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Jennifer said...

Bummer about the guys' show. And Little David? Wow - he is amazing!

Looks like you pegged the girls - better than I did. I wanted Alaina and Alexandrea to stay! And I wanted Amanda and Kady to go! Oh well.

But hey, I actually did an AI post!!! Go me!! LOL!