Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Brother - Til Death Do Us Part

I have a few random thoughts about tonight's premiere.

First and Foremost - Sheila is just awful. When you get paired with a partner, Make The Best Of It, please! She may be the oldest person in the house, but she is definitely the most immature. I think her whining tonight even beat Jen's tantrum last season when she didn't like her cast photo. Who cares if he's your type, dude? This is not the dating game. Form that alliance and play the dadgum game! I feel really sorry for Adam, that's for sure.

I also think it's awful that Jen and Ryan weren't paired together. This is going to be excrutiating unless they bring their partners in on the secret.

Bikini Barista needs to put her boobs away, please. Thanks.

I'm not really feeling Matt, but that's just a first impression.

Spell Check on Blogger isn't working. I know how to spell; I just type too fast. So if you see errors, please e-mail me so I can fix it. Appreciate it.

Okay, guys; off we go on an all new season. And I'm off to check out Showtime After Dark.

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