Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol - Top 12 Girls

Here we are with the Top 12 Girls, folks. They say some of the girls are sick with the flu or bronchitis, so let’s see what they’ve got.

Kristy Lee Cook – Eh.

Joanne Borgella – I think I read somewhere that she won some Mo’Nique Beauty Contest reality show. But can she sing? Why yes, yes she can. Unfortunately, the judges don’t agree with me.

Big Daddy: Okay, she gets a vote.
Tink: She’s my first one I’m voting for.

Carrie Underwood Jr. (Alaina Whitaker) – Pretty good. Randy said that the beginning was rough, but I liked the beginning. Simon likes her, too.

Big Daddy: Okay, she’s gettin’ a nod.

Amanda Overmyer – I just do not like this chick. She seems like such a caricature, seriously, with the hair and the scarves and the black lips and whatnot. And I Can’t Understand a word that she’s singing. Except “please don’t go.” But Randy likes her? I DO NOT get it. Paula loves everything she does? Bizarre. Simon likes her. Did I already say I Don’t Get It?

Tink: She’s not on my list. Evil. Uh uh, dude.

Oh good, we get to listen to Ryan cut on Simon some more. Shut up, Ryan.

Amy Davis – In her interview piece, she seems very humble and I like that. The song is pretty bad, though. Paula’s right; it’s lackluster and not engaging.

Tink: This sounds good. Do you like it? Me too.

Brook White– I like her but the song’s kind of boring.

Big Daddy: Brook’s got my vote already.

Alexandrea Lushington – Her grandmother was just so cute at auditions! Okay, this is one of my all-time favorite songs, but I don’t know about her singing it. She definitely made it her own, but... Well, Randy liked it! Simon didn’t, but he’s having trouble with all this 60’s stuff.

Big Daddy: Eh, didn’t do enough for me. Sounds like she had some trouble, pitch-wise.

Kady Malloy – She made a goofy song sound very Celine Dion. And the girl has a gorgeous voice! In my opinion she’s the best tonight. Sorry, Randy, you’re wrong. You too, Paula. Wah, Simon agrees with them. And what a way to encourage the poor girl, spending 10 minutes talking about how not good she was!

Tink: I like it. It’s a pretty voice and pretty music.

Asia’h Somethington– Sounds off-key to me...just off somehow. But Randy loved it. Okay, y’all, my ears must be out of order, cause I’m not hearing what the judges are. I’m glad they liked her, but I just didn’t hear it.

Tink: She was pretty. I liked the sound of her.

Ramiele Malubay – I wanted her to belt it out MORE! She sang the song pretty, but this song has such potential, and she didn’t meet it. Randy loved, loved. Again with my weird ears, I guess.

Oh my goodness, we still have 2 to go. I’m sleepy, people!

Syesha Mercado – Eh. I think she over-did it. But of course, the judges think she was the best in the whole wide world.

Did I mention I was sleepy?

Carly Smithson – Great. Which means the judges won’t like her, right? Let’s see...oh, Randy likes her! I’m not crazy! And I love Simon, but he’s on crack tonight.

So, my favorites? I don't even know at this point. All the blonde girls are good, and I think Ramiele has potential. Maybe there are too many of them right now, but I just can't get into it yet.

What about you? Who do you think will go home tonight?


Anonymous said...

I think they sent the right people home- I am not crazy about any of the girls- they have never had an Asian winner before- it may be her year-

Jennifer said...

I finally caught up watching all the shows this week. I'm pleased with the results so far. I really hope there are no huge top 12 shockers this season.

You know, I've never done an AI post. Maybe I'll start now! Guess I would just need to start with a quick recap of this week and do a more serious one next week. We'll see...I can't even seem to post regularly as it is these days!