Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol - April Fool's Day!

It's Dolly Parton night on American Idol, y'all. I just love Dolly Parton - ain't she cute?

And speaking of cute, we'll be joined by Miss Tinkerbell in tonight's review.

P.S. Do you think anyone in America was fooled by Ryan's little joke? Not in this house, punk.

Brooke White is singing Jolene, and I think it's a perfect song for her. I think some people don't like Brooke because she's not flashy and doesn't always go for the BIG MOMENT, but I think she's classically wonderful, like Carole King or Carly Simon. She has a hard time taking criticism, but she's not a bad sport about it like some people are.

David Cook's next with Little Sparrow. In case you're keeping score, I like his hair a bit more this week. His voice is growing on me, too. I'm still not over the judges' criticism of Brooke, so I honestly didn't pay much attention.

Ramiele Malubay is performing some song I don't know, and it's not very impressive. In fact, some parts of it are downright painful. I'm confused about the judges' middle-of-the-road comments, because I thought the first half was AWFUL.

Jason Castro - Travelin' Through. He's another one that's not DAZZLINGLY SPECTACULAR, but solidly good. I enjoyed his performance.

Tink: Hmm. Not that much.

Carly Smithson - Here You Come Again. Brilliant. Love it. And if the judges don't, they can shove it.

Simon is EXTREMELY unpleasant tonight. I'm not ordinarily a basher, but tonight - UGH.

David Archuleta is singing Smoky Mountain Memories. I thought it was average. Of course, the judges love him.

Tink: The way he was making that face with his eyes, I didn't like.

Kristy Lee Cook's doing The Coat Of Many Colors, and I thought she did a fair job. Sounded like her pitch was off a few times, though.

Syesha Mercado's performing my favorite Dolly song tonight - I Will Always Love You. Not a fan of the hair, Syesha. But I enjoyed her performance of this song. I like Whitney's version, but I'm a purist and have always LOVED Dolly's original. Syesha did a little bit of both, and I think I agree with Simon on this one, that the second half, the "Whitney" half, wasn't that good.

Tink: The way she ended it wasn't the way I wanted it, but most of it was good.

Michael Johns - This guy is too whiny/growly for me tonight, with the pained/ISmellSomethingBad expression on his face. Overdone.

And the DVR cuts us off here.

So what did you think tonight? My favorites were Carly and Brooke, and Ramiele had better be going home this week.

Check back tomorrow!


Mamacita said...

your comment on Michael Johns cracked me up. Loved your commentary! :)

Sara said...

I'm completely with you on favorites and who's going home, or should.

Come Check Out Mine Please

Tamara said...

Funny stuff. I agree about Simon...I usually agree with him, but I think he was working with a wedgie or something.

Mandy said...

Did you read online that David Cook was hospitalized after the show due to heart palpitations?! I sure hope he is ok....one of my favs!

Linda said...

You are the first person I've read who feels about Michael Johns like I do. It's ok, but it's always growly, like amanda was always Janis Joplin. Now, I feel like an idiot ... but I didnt hear Ryan's joke. What was it?

Jennifer said...

Hip, hip hooray - Ramiele went away!!! It's about TIME!
I think I'm pulling for Michael because he lives in my neck of the woods. And he's so cute! LOL!