Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol Top 6

It's Andrew Lloyd Weber Night, folks. This should be interesting!

Syesha Mercado - One Rock and Roll Too Many (I think it's called)
This time she's standing on the piano? ...and now she's sitting on it ...and now she's off. Okay, look - I think she put too much energy into the gimmick and not enough into knocking the song out of the park. But that's just me.

The Judges loved it. See? I told you it was just me.

Jason Castro - Memories
Before he starts singing, I'm gonna go ahead and say that I am very concerned about his song choice. Yeah, it goes from boring to awful in my opinion. And I'm a Jason fan, but I'm jumpin' this sinking ship. I just hope he can squeak through to next week.

I can't stand Ryan Seacrest.

Brooke White - I don't know what this song is.
Good night, she screwed up and started over. I guess it's a good thing it's a fairly unknown song (at least to me). That way maybe she can get away with some mistakes.

Hey, Brooke's singing with the most power I've seen her throw out there in this competition; maybe that'll save her. Cause y'all know I love me some Brooke!

And p.s., someone give her a Botox injection before each show so she won't keep on doing those weird things with her lips while she listens to the judges and Stoopid Ryan.

Little Archuletta - Some song from Phantom.
I got nothin'. Randy and Paula loved it, and Simon thought it was forgettable.

Carly Smithson - Jesus Christ Superstar.
I think this IS the best performance tonight. She's throwing that big old voice out there, but doesn't seem as overly intense as she has in the past. Until the last note.

David Cook - The Music of the Night
All right, here's the deal. GREAT showcase for his voice. But it's very Opera/Broadway/classical, don't you think? Not very contemporary at all.

AND my stupid DVR cuts off here.

So let's recap. My fave of the night was Carly.

Who do I think will go home? Probably either Jason or Brooke. And I will wait patiently for them to release an album that I will promptly buy.

Are we still supposed to say album? I don't know.


What did you think about tonight's show?

And if you're a Dancing With The Stars fan, be sure and tell me what you thought about tonight's results show here.


Kritter Krit said...

Totally agree with you on Syesha. The on the piano/off the piano thing was a bit much. She bores me, even when she sings really well. Although Simon dug it. Got him hot!

Love Jason and Brooke, but I think they're the bottom two from the evening. Although Jason has QUITE the Dreamy Following. That may pull him through.

I know. David A. I don't get it. My mom is thinking about shunning me from the family. But how many eyes-closed, bummerville songs can I listen to? I don't get the hype. I think prepubescent America is carrying him. Although my mom is sixty. So scratch that, I guess.

Love Carly. But dang, the girl needs to contain the twins. She was bobbin' all over the place during that song. I thought they were gonna bust loose and head for the mosh pit.

David Cook. Ahhh. Come to mama.

shoeaddict said...

Hey Lori! You are funny. The song Brooke sang is from Evita (the musical that Modonna turned into a movie). I know it well (but I'm a theatre girl).

Jason was the worst this week but I've been bored with Syesha the entire time.

Shoeaddict said...

Hey, wanted to know if you are still watching Big Brother? The finale is tonight, ya know? I am going to try and put something up on the TV blog.

Jennifer said...

Yep...you pretty much nailed it. I think I liked Syesha a little more than you did though. I liked Carly, but hubby was totally turned off by the song. I told him I was too at first until I read a little about it and the musical, still not quite sure I "get" it, but I'm not quite as turned off anymore. He hasn't had a chance to look into it, so it just left a bad taste in his mouth, and even though he was a HUGE Carly fan, because of that song, he wasn't too upset that she left.

Too funny about the Brooke faces - I love Brooke, but that's about to get on my nerves!

I really wish little David would go home - I'm just so over him. He impressed me the very first week, but since then - ugh. Tired.of.him.

David Cook - I am pulling for him to win. If he ends up going home, I'm not watching anymore. Yeah, well...in theory anyway.