Monday, April 14, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Latin Night

It's the halfway point of the competition, y'all, and tonight they're doing the Samba and the Rumba. I'm not certain that I can tell the difference; we'll see.

Mario and Karina - Samba
Wow, could her spray-on be any darker tonight? And can someone seriously tell me why the costumes have to be so revealing? I know I'm showing my prudishness, but I don't understand the reason for it. Unless it's to show what a rockin' 6-pack she has.

And the dancing? I really enjoyed it. Mario reminds me of Ricky Ricardo tonight, for some reason. Is the Samba a Cuban dance?

Score: 27!

Priscilla and Louis - Rumba
It cracks me up when they introduce her as "Actress and Businesswoman." It sounds kinda like, "Grammy Award Winner and Grocery Shopper!"

Priscilla's face looks prettier this week, although I'd like to see lighter eyes.

I thought the dance was VERY pretty, but it seemed so short! I wonder if the judges will think it was too simple.


Marissa and Tony - Samba (Oh, Tony says it's Brazilian.)
Marissa doesn't look nearly as chunky in her workout clothes as she does in her performance costumes. And have I mentioned that I L.O.V.E. Tony?

Girlfriend sure enough did shake her booty, didn't she? I loved it!


Christian and Cheryl - Rumba
Still hot. I love the color of his shirt and her dress, although I'd like to see more dress. Have I mentioned I may be prudish?

I could watch Christian walk up a flight of stairs and enjoy it, but it didn't seem like this dance was very complicated, AT ALL.


Marlee & Fabian - SambaI just can not get over her rhythm, when she can't hear - and has never heard - the music! Incredible.

The judges said that she stumbled a few times but let me tell you - I never saw it!


Kristy and Mark - Rumba
Her family is so cute in the taped piece!

Oh goodness, I love their lavender costumes, and the dance was pretty, but I'm not sure I saw sensual. The judges did, though.


Shannon & Derek - Samba
Derek went to the hospital with food poisoning? Goodness, this kid is falling apart, isn't he? It looks like the two of them are getting along Very Well in the taped piece, huh?

Not sure I'm crazy about their dance. She seems to be a little stiff. Len said there was no impact and not enough hip action. I Agree. I don't think the score will be very high this week.

SCORE: 23 - WOW, higher than I thought!

Jason and Edyta - Rumba
My, but the girl's hips can move...oh goodness, and the boy's can, too!! Edyta had some great moves, but did Jason? The judges think so - GOOD!


The dancing's over for tonight, and now comes the hard part - who's going home this week? Priscilla has the lowest score, but that doesn't always matter, does it?

My favorites were Jason, Marissa and Christian. Cause I'm a sucker for hot men and chunky chicks.

See ya tomorrow for the results!

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Ang said...

Thanks for the summary- I based my votes off it!! I was sick on Monday night so couldn't watch. Oh, and you won the little Pay It Forward contest on my blog!!! YAY!