Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol - The Final 8

It's Inspirational Week on American Idol. I'll be interested to see what each contestant finds inspirational.

Michael Johns is singing some song that I recognize but don't know the origin of. Big Daddy thinks it was originally recorded by a Big Hair Band like Poison, and I think it was Queen. And it sounded like karaoke to me.

Oh, Randy said it was Aerosmith.

Hey, Sinbad's in the audience.

And Paula's breastesses are trying to escape that torture device of a dress.

Syesha is singing I Believe, which was originally recorded by Fantasia. It was a good performance, y'all, but I don't know if she brings anything unique to the party. Until she hit that glass-shattering high note; now that was unique.

Jason Castro is singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and he says it's a version done by a Hawaiian guy on a ukulele. And oh my goodness, Jason is actually playing a ukulele.

Okay, I like Jason, I really do. I even like the song. But I'm not in agreement with his choice tonight. It sounds like a movie soundtrack; specifically Pixar or Disney.

Wow, see how crazy I am? The judges loved it and I'm glad! Go Jason!

Up next is Kristy Lee Cook, and we're betting she's gonna sing something by Martina McBride. Oh my goodness, SHE IS! Let's see how she does.

I hate the way they have to chop these songs up to meet the time requirements. I think she started out rough, but kind of brought it home on the choruses. Do they still call them choruses, or are they bridges or something else totally?

Anyway, that top she wore was HOT.

Randy liked it aside from some pitch problems, and Paula thought it was her best performance. Simon thought she was very, very good indeed and that she looks like a star tonight. Do y'all think Kristy's on the way back?

David Cook is not impressing me tonight. At all. I don't know what he's singing and I don't really care. Something about We Are All Innocent. Randy and Simon agreed with me, and Paula loves him no matter what he does.

Carly Smithson is singing a Queen song tonight. And she apparently didn't listen to Simon's advice last week regarding clothing choices.


She sure is strutting around that stage like a bad ass, though. Go on now, Carly. I think parts of the song were really good, but overall it just should have been better. There were too many background singers in places, and I couldn't distinguish her voice.

Hey, Simon likes her clothes! But he thinks it was an angry performance, that she over-sang the song and might be in trouble for it.

Archuleta's up next and he's singing a song called Angels. It was good. The judges loved it but David didn't seem very happy about that. He looks drugged a bit.

And Brooke's closing the show with some Carole King tonight. I love me some Brooke and I love me some Carole King.

Have I mentioned that I'm oh, so partial to Brooke's voice? Didja know that?

BUT. I'm not crazy about this arrangement. This seems like a song that would be great with her at the piano, and a less formal arrangement.

Also, I'm finding myself dreading the looks she gives the judges and that thing she does with her mouth when they criticize her. We'll see.

Well, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Okay, so who was the best tonight?

I honestly don't know. I don't think there were any standouts tonight, either best or worst. So we'll have to see how it goes tomorrow night.

Could I be more ambivalent?

See ya here!

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Jennifer said...

I pretty much agree, except for one thing - I thought Carly looked better than ever! Interesting.
I think I had more fun with this show because the whole family was watching and we were just having a good time. And it was fun to see even how our opinions differed.
I wasn't thrilled that there's going to be an additional show tonight, but at least there's nothing else good on at the same time!