Monday, April 21, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 6

It's Week 6 of Dancing With The Stars, y'all, and I have to warn you - I'm cranky. I just typed a great intro and lost it and I absolutely can't remember what I said.

I'll try to bring some sweetness and light to my review, but I can't promise anything.

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sleazinska - I love to watch this big hunk move! (I typed big hung first. tee hee.) Anyway, all I have to say is I loved it.


Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough - Do you think they might be hooking up?

They're doing the Rumba tonight, and I love that she's not dressed like a sleaze bag. WOW, look at those gams, y'all! I think she still needs to move her hips a bit more, though. Oh, and Bruno agrees with me.

Po' little Shannon, she gets really upset at the criticism. I think she must be a bit of a perfectionist.


Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez - WOW, has Marlee got a flat tummy! And she's friends with Henry Winkler! And she loves blue eyeshadow!

I think she messed up quite a bit in the beginning, but do you think it got better in the second half?


Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke - Love me some Cristian. Love the face, love the sense of humor, love the accent! And look at his sweet little feet! And his pink shirt! And all my exclamation points!

Not crazy about the Bryl Cream hair, though. Just sayin'.

Smooth, baby, smooth! No, he did not just do high kicks. Homey Gomey!

Y'all, Len just said, "If you're in the bottom two tomorrow, I'll show my bum in the supermarket." I'm still giggling, after rewinding it 5 times.

We were hoping for a 30, but we'll take it.

Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani are doing the Viennese Waltz. My fingers are crossed for her.

I hate the music. Hate. It. Liked it when Tom Jones sang it, don't like this heavy, almost Spanish arrangement.

The dance was pretty, and I think Marissa looked beautiful.

SCORE: 26!

Kristy Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas - Did you know she was born with club feet? WOW!

I gotta admit, I enjoyed Mark's dancing so much on this one that I kept forgetting to watch Kristy. Obviously she was good; what else do we expect?

SCORE: 30!

Mario and Karina Smirnoff - Yeah, it was steamy. And I'm gonna go there - what the heck was she wearing?


Next we have a group number - this should be interesting! I guess I'd already stopped watching last season when (and if) they did a group number.

Y'all, I enjoyed that SO Much! Every single one of them did an excellent job!

And now that the show is over, it's time for our predictions. My favorite this week was Cristian, and I guess that Marlee and Shannon are in danger of going home. Wah.

What did you think?

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