Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Results - April 29

LIVE from Hollywood, This Is Dancing With The Stars!

Here's the results show, y'all. Waddaya think?

Cristian is back, thank goodness.

blah blah blah

You can do lifts next week...

Kristi and Mark are safe for this week.

Love the Dance Center segment with the football guys and Len doing commentary on the contestants. Love. It.

Def Leppard on DWTS? I just don't know what to say.

More Dance Center and talk of flatulence.

And Mario and Karina are safe.

More Def Leppard? Yeah, fast forward.

Nothing against Def Leppard, mind you. It's just sorta creepy to mix my genres. And 80-90s rock mixed with ballroom? Not workin' for me.

Hey, no Junior Dancers tonight?

Tom Bergeron talking about how many times "the trajectory of this show has changed. The most recent time, minutes before the show began." I don't know what his point is.

Back to the elimination.

Or maybe a commercial instead. Bitches.

My sweet baby Cristian has a ruptured tendon and will have to have surgery, but wants to complete the competition first. If the votes allow.

AND THEY DO! Yeah, he's safe!

First couple in the bottom 2 is Marissa and Tony.

Next couple safe is Jason and Edyta. Obviously.

Which means Shannon and Derek are in the bottom 2. Oh no, I don't want either to leave.

But Shannon and Derek are gone. Very emotional. But not unexpected.

What did y'all think? Any surprises tonight?


WendyDarling said...

Oh my goodness, I was so angry about last nights and tonights show.

First of all, Jason and Edyta did 2 lifts last night, and not a word from the judges. They get the highest scores, but break the rules. It's been done all season by several of the couples and they get high scores while others get "nit picked."

I was upset that Marissa was in the bottom two. I really like her.

I don't think it is right that they are going to allow the lifts next week, just because people keep breaking the rules, because the others who obeyed the rules will feel pressured to do a lift. How is Cristian supposed to do a lift? Just not right.

Sorry, had to vent. ;-)

Shoeaddict said...

I was angry about the same thing. Edyta does lifts every single season without fail and no one does anything.

Jennifer said...

Awwww...Shannon and Derek. I'll miss them. Maybe now they can get on with their love-fest.
At this stage of the competition, it's hard to see people go, because the best are left!

I just read the above comments and though I didn't see the results show, I assume some stuff was said? I saw at LEAST two lifts that Edyta did and I was a bit pissed that Carrie just barely mentioned one, and she still gave them a 9. She did it last year with the Superman dance and not one word was said. It's totally not right and really chaps my hide. Yes, I really just typed that!

I can't believe Christian's injury is bad enough to require surgery, yet he wants to continue. Couldn't that make it worse? And I imagine it will be difficult for him to pull off a lift. They are allowing them earlier this season, aren't they? I thought usually it wasn't until it was down to the final 3 couples.