Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week Six Results

Last night's show was really fun, y'all, and I won't be happy to see anyone go home this week.

The country group number is just so cute! And I still can't believe how well Marlee does without hearing the music. She's incredible.

Ashlee Simpson is performing tonight, and I could swear she didn't learn anything from her past lip synch mishaps. It's a cute song, though. She's just not singing it live, is all.

Hi, could Samantha Hostess' arms be any scrawnier?

First results - Shannon is safe and Marlee is not.

Riverdance - I think the dancing is incredible and takes a great deal of talent, but after awhile I'm yawning. Sorry.

I think these junior dancers are awesomely talented, and I'm glad that the judges only give them good feedback. Wow, the first little couple are great, especially the young man. Go Team Red!

Team Black/Aqua are dancing the Samba tonight. Little Man's footwork is incredible, an the shimmies are off the charts! Did he mean to fall in the end, though?

Two more couples who are safe - Marissa and Tony; Cristian and Cheryl. Yay, two of my favorites! At this point I predict that either Mario or Jason will be in the bottom 2.

Back from commercial break, and it's Mario in the bottom 2. I was afraid of that; I don't know if he really connects with the audience.

But it's Marlee going home this week. Wah.

See y'all next week for another thrilling episode of...Which Professional Female Can Wear Less Clothes? Stay tuned.


Melissa said...

I think Edyta will win the "Which Professional Female Can Wear Less Clothes?" contest. Always! During rehearsals, during the group dance (was she wearing just a bra or is that just me?) She's got the body, but she's forgotten that ballroom dancing isn't all about skin!
I think next week it will be Shannon or Mario going home. Shannon is pretty, she's just too tall and lanky. And Mario does need to fluff his aura a bit, too. :o)

Kelley said...
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Kelley said...

Or how about "Which Professional Female Can Get a Deeper Fake Tan?"

Also, I think Derek loves Shannon. Bless their hearts for tryin' to keep it looking professional, but he's been giving himself away. Did you hear him call her "honey" when she was crying after their critiques?! And then his little rant about the other contestants' mistakes not getting judged as harshly - he sounded to me like a man defending his woman's honor, not a dance partner upset about some scores. Maybe it's just me...

shoeaddict said...

Loooooove Marlee and 100% agree with Kelley about Derek

Jennifer said...

Awwww....I'm so sad Marlee went home! I can't believe she went before Mario - poo! How did she take it? (You know I don't get to watch the results because Hell's Kitchen is on then.)

And I totally agree about Shannon and Derek - there has got to be something going on there!