Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beauty and The Geek - Opposites Attract

I still love this show, and I still have very random observations about it. So here they go.

  • Sam is a bit full of himself. Oh, and he’s a total ditz, too.
  • I do not like David’s attitude. Just don’t. He actually told Jasmine that she was his last choice. Jerko.

The Geeks’ Challenge - Rapping

  • Poor little Tony is so self-conscious. He’s like a lost kitten, just so cute and afraid.
  • I feel really sorry for Nicole, the female geek, being partnered with Sam.
  • Will’s rap was cute.
  • Wow, I think maybe John’s rap was the best of all!
  • And the judges picked my two guys! The winner is...WILL!

You know, I don’t mean to keep picking on Sam, but I just realized why he seems so awful to me. Combine ditz with macho arrogance, and you have...Sam.

The Beauty Challenge - Debate

  • Holy Moley, Rebecca sounded HORRIBLE debating minimum wage.
  • Betty Boop did really well talking about oil drilling, and she was cute while she was doing it.
  • Katie rocked it, talking about Third World debt.
  • Shay had a good argument against lowering the drinking age, but she doesn’t speak very professionally at all.
  • Uh oh, Sam nailed it with his rebuttal about the drinking age. Maybe he’s not as ridiculous as he seems.
  • The Winner of the Beauty portion of our competition is...SAM?

Nominated for eviction are Amanda and Tony, Natalie and John. I really like both of those teams. Wah.

Poor Little Tony and Amanda. And now, I have to ask you to leave the mansion.

See ya next week, Beauties and Geeks!

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shoeaddict said...

Tony was breaking my HEART!

Who do you think was bumping uglies in the "This season" premiere?

Sam reminds me of the perv who came up to me at this little bar (I was there to hear the band!) and asked me if I thought my boobs would fit into his cowboy hat!! What a prince, huh?