Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beauty and The Geek - Premiere

Right off the bat, let’s get this straight – I Love This Show. Have since the beginning. But for the first show of the season, I’m not gonna have a whole lot to talk about. Things usually get off to a slow start, so here we go.


Luke – Robotics Engineer
Does he have a speech impediment or is he just a fast talker?

Dave- Live Action Role Player
Pretentious and deluded

Josh – Rubber band Club President
Cute, cute, cute!

Will – Software Engineer

Joshua – Astrophysicist
I think he’s supposed to be this season’s Super Geek.

William – Comic Book Geek

Tony – Biomedical Engineer

John – MIT 5.0

Jesse – Lives with his parents


Amanda – Aspiring Playboy Model
Her breasteses cost $8,000 and she’s proud of that.

Natalie – Hooters Girl
Wow, she is gorgeous!

Hollie – Betty Boop
She’s one of my favorites.

Rebecca – Cocktail Waitress

Shay – Beauty pageant Queen
I like her.

Jen – Cigar Model

Erin – Beautician

Jasmine – Babysitter

Katie – Sorority Girl


Shay and Joshua
Amanda and Tony
Jasmine and David – Oh crap, he DID NOT want her as a partner! His reaction was bordering on rude. She tried to make the best of it, though.
Erin and Jesse
Natalie and John – Natalie is just drop-dead gorgeous!! I hope she’s a nice as she is pretty.
Jen and William – He didn’t want to be paired with her because she’s a jock and he’s not. I think maybe he’s afraid of her.
Rebecca and Will
Hollie and Josh – Holly and Luke wanted to be together, and both were disappointed with this pairing.
Katie and Luke – Katie was satisfied; hopefully Luke will warm up to her.

But before you go off and pick your rooms, there’s one more thing you should know...this season, the experiment has evolved. For the first beauty will be a man and one geek will be a woman.

The tenth and final team.... to be continued.

Y’all, the previews for the season look incredible! Seriously, if you haven’t seen this show before, you have got to check it out!

More next week!

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