Thursday, September 6, 2007

Big Brother Rant - Double Elimination

YUCK. That's what I have to say about tonight's show. YUCK.

I hate that Dick and Danielle are in the Final 4. Can't stand it. And here's why.

Danielle's devious and a spoiled brat. Yeah, that about says it.

Dick is horrible, and I can't stand it when mean people get ahead. It implies to other mean people that their way is right. And it's just not.

Zach is icky. "I made an oath to my group." Gag me. Your group is using you, dude. And I don't care about you at all, so it won't even matter to me if you win. In fact, I'm probably 50/50 between you and Jameka, just because I dislike the Donatos so much.

Jameka is hypocritical and makes Christians look bad.

Wow, great choices there.

But I really, really love that it looks like Eric and Jessica sincerely care about each other. But will it last?

That's all.

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Darcy said...

Oh I so wanted Jessica and Eric to be in the final four. :( I agree with you on loving that their affection seems sincere.

I'm so upset that Zach made it to the final four - he hasn't done a single thing up until the last two weeks!!! He's been flying under the radar, I think the same could be said for Jameka. How in the world she managed to survive 5 weeks in the house not competing for HOH?!?! Perhaps she's not seen as a threat??

At any rate, it looks as though Dick and Daniele will probably be final two. They've got to the be the only alliance that's made it this far?? Did Dr Will and Mike Boogie make it to final four together??

Love that you have this blog! Survivor starts in 2 weeks! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about that! :)