Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dancing With The Stars

Okay, guys, here we go with another series of witty and brilliant commentary by none other than the Queen of Dirty Laundry with occasional guest appearances by Big Daddy, Tinkerbell, Pooh and Scooter Pie. Prepare yourselves for the mediocrity.

Wow, Drew Lachey is short. Cute, but short. He's just like a tiny version of Nick, isn't he?

Oh no, they don’t have real music? I mean, it always seems weird to me to hear the house band version of a song, rather than the popular recorded version. Sort of like elevator music. Oh well...

Here we go with the ladies!

Jennie Garth & Derek Hough - She did a good split! Other than that, I liked it; not much more to say.

Josie Marin & Alec Mazo – She seems very full of herself. Who says, “I’m a Super Model?” Seriously? The dance was okay...Ooh, the judges didn’t like it though, did they?

Sabrina Bryan & Mark Ballas, Jr. – I’m not sure if it’s “textbook” as Sabrina said, but I like it. Let’s see what the judges have to say. WOW – The judges loved it. (It should also be noted that this couple is the early favorite of our guest judge, Tinkerbell of Dirty Laundry.)

Marie Osmond & Jonathan – Folks, I love me some Osmonds, but I’m gonna have to diss Marie a little here. Even though she’s older and maybe a tiny bit thick, she doesn’t have to look MATRONLY, for goodness sakes. That dress is like a Miss America dress from the 1980’s, people! She looks much cuter in the rehearsal clips and interviews than she does in her costume. Aw, but she’s dancing good, y’all. She just needs a wardrobe person or stylist who will dress her to suit her fuller figure. Oh, and the judges liked her. Good.

Mel B & Maksin Hmerkovskiy (or whatever his name is)- He’s awfully cute now, isn’t he? I didn’t want to like her, but I think they’re VERY good. Right?! Judges?
PLUS, they get a vote from Tink!

Jane Seymour & Tony Dovolani – I heart Jane Seymour! Love. Her. Didn't you just love her in Somewhere in Time? I watched that movie over and over and over again. Gives me chills just thinking about it. Oh...they’re dancing. Ooh, and this song makes me think of Kim Basinger in that blockbuster, The Marrying Man. Who knew she could sing like that? Oh yeah, the dancing. It’s lovely. Very sweet. Beautiful dress. Aw, Tony hearts Jane!

This is gonna be a long week, isn't it? When will I have time to watch all my other premieres if I'm watching DWTS every night?

Okay, friends. Leave me a comment and tell me who your favorites (and not-so-favorites) are.


Jennifer said...

This is one of my absolute favorite reality shows. I've watched every season!! I have to say though, I'm NOT happy with them pulling an "American Idol" and taking up 3 nights instead of two!! Tonight's episode runs 30 minutes into the premiere of House - what am I supposed to do??????

Anyway, not having seen the guys dance yet, I'm predicting this is going to be the season for a female to win again...finally! I thought they all did an excellent job. The only one that did absolutely nothing for me was Josie. She can go, and I wouldn't miss her. Watching the others - I couldn't help but smile. As for the guys - from what I can tell, I only know who one of them is - and that's Wayne Newton. I don't have a clue who those other guys are - am I living under a rock? The only girl I didn't know was Josie - and ironically she's the one I liked the least, but I don't think it's because I don't know her - I really think she did the worst - and apparently the judges thought so too. So I can't be too far off.

Anxious to see how it goes!

WendyDarling said...

I LOVE DWTS. I have watched since the first season.

I really liked all of them except the model. Just didn't like her at all.

I voted for Jeni Garth, Marie Osmond (us plus ladies have to stick together) and Jane Seymore. :-)

I watched the men tonight, and suprisingly I liked them all except Floyd. Who knew Marc would be so entertaining? :-)