Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Brother Rant - Final Two

This is going to be very stream of consciousness, so bear with me.

I hate that the Donatos are in the Final Two.

Here's what I think about Dick:

  • He's a big fat jerk.
  • It's very bizarre to me that one person can be so human and likable one day, and then just VILE the next. It's disconcerting because I genuinely like him on his good days, and genuinely despise him on his jerk days. But unfortunately, Jerk trumps Good Guy, in my opinion. So he's a jerk.
  • But I really believe he loves his daughter.

Here's what I think about Danielle:

  • She cheated on her boyfriend. Just flat-out dumped him on national television and never spoke his name again. NICE.
  • For the first however many weeks, she laid in that bed with Nick and mooned over him. She let him vow his undying devotion to her (which...sincere? I doubt it) and neither encouraged nor discouraged him. It was very weird to me.
  • She made no effort to get to know the other people in the house until Nick was gone, and then whined because "you don't know me!" Yeah, cause you've been laying in a bed for three weeks, chick!
  • She's a spoiled brat.
  • I would love for someone to hold her down and chisel that makeup off her face so America can see what she really looks like. Never seen her without it once.
  • In that bikini last night, it looked like she had put on some weight. Good for her, cause she looked skeletal in the beginning!

I would just like to hear them say, "Wow, we made it!" or "We really lucked out," instead of "We dominated! We ruled this thing!" and crap like that. In my opinion, here are the reasons they're in the Final Two:

  • Danielle did great in Veto competitions
  • Together, they betrayed agreements with Kail, Nick, Eric, Dustin, Jen, Jessica, Eric again. Have I forgotten anyone?
  • The other houseguests made bad decisions when they decided to evict other people when they had opportunities to evict Dick and Danielle.

That's not domination, that's pure luck. Just call it what it is, guys.

Who do I want to win? Dick. And here's why: I think that if Danielle wins that money, Dick will never hear from her again. I'm spiteful, and I want to see Danielle LOSE. I want her to have to wait for Dick to pay for college or whatever he decides to do for her. I want her to learn a little humility. Hopefully when Dick's not in a competition, he's a little nicer. Hopefully. But I believe that the Danielle we saw is who she really is. And it's not pretty, no matter how much makeup you put on it.

I'm sure I've got more to say, but I've got to clean the dadgum house. So I'll leave you with my primary pet peeve of all reality shows.

I HATE IT when people who have deceived, betrayed, and otherwise been sneaky GO ALL IRATE when someone does it right back to them. Happens all the time on Survivor and Big Brother. My favorite example of this is BB6 when Kaysar betrayed an agreement with the fireman guy (Eric?) early in the season, and then acted all noble and ethical when others betrayed agreements to him. Just now happened when Zach nominated the Donatos. HATE IT.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


SAHMmy Says said...

My husband sucked me in to Big Brother this summer when there was Nothing to Watch!--now I'm invested even though I hate it! I agree that Dick is VILE, and I'm actually shocked that they don't bleep out his constant use of the word Bxxxx, directed at any female of the house that annoys him. He's just nasty and pathetic--Hello?! Nobody thinks you're 21, even with the spiky hair, tatoos, and rocker garb. I don't like Danielle either, but her airheadedness gets more focused when she does her diary spots--she almost seems like she's putting on the "I'm a ditzy blonde, but aren't I cute" act.

Candace & Anna said...

Oh man I was SO hoping anyone else would be in the bottom 2. You have a good plan though to give it to Dick. My first instinct was to give it to Danielle lol just because I can't stand Dick and his crap he was constantly dishing out. Danielle was just as bad though just in a quieter, sneakier kinda way. It will be interesting to see who the jury members choose.