Friday, August 31, 2007

BB8 HOH and Nominations Spoiler

Y'all, I'm not very optimistic about this week. I think I've laid it out there before that I'm an Eric and Jessica fan. I actually like Dustin too, but he's long gone, so...

So. I would just hate for Dick or Danielle to win, because I'm all about messages, and I think it sends a horrible message about getting ahead in this world. Dick is the scum of the earth. Yeah, he acts human sometimes, but that absolutely does not make up for the fact that he is disgusting, has no manners, pesters his daughter every time she has a frown on her face, and has verbally abused every person who's passed through that house. Except Jessica maybe; has he attacked her yet?

I would just hate for Dick, and all the others like him in this world, to think that horrible behavior is the way to get what you want. UGH.

But, now that Jessica and Jameka are nominated, it looks like the Donatos have a pretty good chance of going all the way. I sure hope I'm wrong, and that something else big happens, and quick.

It's going to be a very long week.


Kim said...

Im totally with you on the Dick situation....he has to be the most repulsive human around. All of his ugliness is his own creation; being mean, trying to intimidate people, he is a bully, AND he is old enough to be everyone's dad (which you would think would make him more mature...although, he IS Dani's dad, and has royally done a horrible job, so I guess being a dad doesnt mean much at all.....)

As much as I cant stand Jen (who cries about their picture? who removes pictures of their mom?) and I think she provoked Dick re: the cigarette....I think it was absolutely wrong that BB ever let Dick get that carried away with pouring tea on someone, and burning them with his cig. He has been given too much leeway and I think he is dangerous.

Anyhoo.....I actually like Zack. He wasnt my first choice, but I dont know why people dont like him, and I happen to think he has been nice, normal, and made sense in a house of crazies.

I think he made a big mistake by putting up Jameka. His best plan would have been to pick one person from the two "diads" (either dick or dani AND either Jess or Eric)....He wouldnt look like he was out to get any particular group, and it would leave the true decision up to Jameka. If POV was used on anyone, he could just put up the other member of that diad, again, leaving the final decision to Jameka.

That would make Jameka the "bad guy", Zach wouldnt have made anyone too mad.

The next HOH cant be Zach, and it cant be, he needs to not take the power away from one of the diads, rather than have them both against him.

Should be interesting to see how this all pans out.

BTW, you aint seen trash-tv til you watch FLAVA OF LOVE, did you watch that?? TRAIN WRECK!

shoeaddict said...

Dick is gross. I think Jen did provoke him with the cigs but, he was disgustingly verbally abusive. I never could've handled being in the house with him. I am so uncomfortable with the easy way he speaks so rudely to people.
I don't understand how he managed to get two women pregnant or the same one pregnant twice.

I think people want to be in the end with Dick because they know that no one will vote for him.