Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Brother Eviction

While I don't think that Dustin is as evil as Dick would have people think, I was not really sad to see him go this week. I think I would have been okay with either Dick or Dustin going, really.

On most of the Big Brother forums, my opinion is in the minority, but I like Eric. There, I've said it. I like Eric. I don't see where he's been this "big liar" that he's made out to be, except for where the America's Player tasks are concerned. My opinion is, I'm not gonna hold that crap against the guy, because he's just trying to get along best he can, without being able to do things his own way.

Late last night on Showtime, I saw Dick talk to Amber and Jameka, "explaining" to them why things happened the way they did. I was impressed with the fact that he didn't automatically throw Eric and Jessica under the bus, but I was also surprised with his faulty memory. Dick mentioned several times the way the way "The Group" turned on he and Danielle the prior week. It's like he's completely forgotten the week before that, when he and Danielle decided that Eric, also a member of "The Group," was the devil and nominated him for eviction.

Dick's Version:
Everyone was happy
Eric got us to evict Nick
Everyone turned on Danielle and me.

What Really Happened:
Everyone was happy
The entire group agreed to evict Nick, especially Dick (Nick was standing between Dick and his daughter)
Danielle was so upset that Nick got evicted (even though she voted him out) that when she saw an airplane banner calling Eric a liar, she decided everything was Eric's fault.
Dick went along with Danielle's lunacy to get closer to her.
"The Group" decided to support Eric, rather than going along with Dick and Danielle.
"The Group" then nominated Dick and Danielle for eviction, because they had gone rogue.

What I see a lot on forums around the net, is that people decide who they like (often Dick) and don't like (often Eric), and then instead of just saying, "I just don't like him," they spice things up by saying, "He's a weasel," or "He's such a liar," to support their opinion. Problem is, I don't often see facts to back up their accusations. I like facts.

Well, there you have my rambling commentary on this week's Big Brother 8. Do with it what you will.

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