Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big Brother Housemate Analysis

My friend Shoeaddict left a comment last week with her opinions on some of the houseguests. Because comments were not coming to me by e-mail, I didn't notice hers until this week, and I thought it would be fun to reprint her comment, along with my own opinions.

Shoeaddict: I just cannot stand AMBER. The crying drives me crazy. I'm a cryer. I'm sensitive but, (a) I'd never be on a reality show and (b) how does she deal with life when she cries over thing s that don't even have anything to do with her?

Queen of Dirty Laundry: Yeah, her crying seems to be a bit over-the-top. I have no doubt that it's real; I just think she's got mental problems. I really, really wanted to like her, but she lost me when I realized how "off" she is.

S: Jessica's voice drove me nuts from the get go but I don't hate her.

Q: I really, really did not like Jessica in the beginning. On the Showtime Feeds, she just sat around watching people all the time. Plus, her hair drives me crazy, to this day. But, she's grown on me, and I have a strange fondness for her now.

S: Eric- I didn't hate him. I don't like the idea of an AP but, I think the powers that be have screwed it all up.

Q: Always like Eric, because I like to root for the underdog. Hate America's Player, unless he CHOSE it, and it's my understanding that he did not have a choice in the matter. Plus, the America's Player tasks are LAME!

S: Jameka- I like her and wouldn't mind her winning.

Q: She drives me crazy with her "Mmm hmmm..." when she's talking with someone. Instead of putting her own opinion out there, she just pseudo-agrees. I also REALLY hated it when she said, "Your momma's a bitch," to Dick. Lots of times. I know that Christians are just normal people who get mad sometimes but she's just such a VOCAL Christian, that I cringed when she let her temper get the best of her and acted so UN-Christian.

S: Jen- NEVER liked her from the minute she opened her mouth.
Q: I AGREE. She was also off her rocker.

S: Zach- I feel sorry for him... I don't understand why everyone is so mean to him.
Q: I just don't have an opinion about Zach. I've tried, but I just don't. To quote Amber, "I just can't."

S: Let me also say that from the first episode I hated that Dick & Daniele were in the house together. The other two "enemies" were fun and catty and good tv. This relationship is a father and a daughter. No matter how f'ed up he is and she is, that is her DAD. This is his CHILD. I just don't think that it's "funny" or whatever to exploit the dysfunction of their family.

Q: Yeah, seems like the producers really gambled on casting the two of them, because there was absolutely no way to know how it would turn out, and it could have been REALLY ugly.

S: And (after I just ranted about that) what is the deal with her mother? I don't recall hearing about that story. Or really "their" story... I know that she's "FRUSTRATED". I know that his mom helped raise Dani. I know there is a brother.

Q: Don't know about Dani's mother. The brother's name is Vincent, and he and Dick are very close. Danielle says that the only time he ever calls, he wants something. Ironically, per Dick, Vincent says the same thing about Danielle. Sounds like typical family crap to me.

S: Anyway, I'd love to see Jameka win. I'd also like Dani and Dick in the top two because it would be just very much that they played the game very well. Dani plays the game very well.

Q: My opinion might not be very popular, but I really want to see Eric and Jess in the final two, and then hopefully she would win. But I wouldn't hate it if he won.

S: OK, how sick of me are you now??

Q: NOT SICK AT ALL! I'm glad I have at least one reader who enjoys watching trash TV and then over-analyzing it, just like I do! Thanks, Shoeaddict!


Danielle - I don't really like her. She led Nick on for however many weeks (and don't get me started on Nick. I'm the only person in America who doesn't think he's a god.), even though she had a boyfriend outside the house. She half-heartedly agreed to evict him, and then felt so guilty that she immediately tried to pin the whole thing on Eric. Twisted, in my opinion.

Also, for the first few weeks, every time she talked to Dick, we got to hear, "I'm SOOO FRUSTATED! This is SOOO FRUSTRATING!" "You DOOOON't understand how hard this is for me!" Over and over and over and over.

Plus, she should have thought ahead about her root situation. I'm pretty sure they would have let her pack some hair bleach.

And finally, I really, really want to know what Dani looks like without makeup. She's never without it.

Dick - First and foremost, there is no excuse for the way that he's talked to people in this house. Whether it's strategy or not, I have never seen anyone be so mean in my life. And if he won this sucker, I would be SO PISSED OFF. To reward such horrible behavior would be a travesty.

And back to the Nick situation, if I remember correctly, Dick spearheaded the effort to evict Nick. And yet, when his daughter decided, based on a stupid banner, that Eric was to blame, Dick jumped on that bandwagon right away. Ticked me off.

Okay, I think I'm done for tonight. I really, really wish I had a laptop so that I could watch and blog at the same time. Put a good word in with Santa if you see him, 'kay?

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shoeaddict said...

A new day, new opinions...

Forget Jameka, Jessica is gaining on me.

I agree with everything you said about Daniele. But, I would still like to see Eric, Jessica, Dick & Daniele in the final 4. Dick will never win. I don't like Jen AT ALL. I think she provoked Dick and everyone else but, the things Dick said were uncalled for and made me sick. I have no doubt that he's spoken to his child(ren) this way. Maybe I'm naive but, men in my life don't talk to women that way. It's made me really scared. I don't like yelling and I can't respect that.