Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Survivor China News

If you can't wait for more Survivor China news, just check out CBS' website. They've got a trailer up, cast info, and interviews with some of the Survivors.

TV Guide also has an article up that introduces the tribes.

In the tradition of rooting for the underdogs and old folks, my early favorites are:

From the Fei Long Tribe:

Leslie, 38, from SC
John-Robert, 36, Las Vegas (he's cute and he's from Las Vegas!!)
Denise, 40, Mass (she's a lunch lady with a mullet!)
James, 30, Louisiana (I'm hoping he has an accent. Love me some Cajun accents.)

From the Zhun Hu Tribe:

Steve "Chicken", 48, from VA (His name is Chicken!)

Of course, my opinions are likely to change once I've actually heard these folks talk, so stay tuned!

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shoeaddict said...

Ha Ha Ha... I love that you said that about Cajun accents. I'm CAJUN!!