Saturday, August 18, 2007

BB POV Competition

Here's some info on what went down in the Big Brother Power Of Veto competition for this week.

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shoeaddict said...

OK, I want to know what you think??? I think it's awesome that Dustin left. I know that Dick is ONE but, you know he is. Dustin is conniving. But, that's apropo of the game, right? Anyway, I loved that Daniele won HOH. I don't get Showtime and I don't watch the feeds. I will read the blogs occasionally.

I know whose nominated before the show airs. I just cannot stand AMBER. The crying drives me crazy. I'm a cryer. I'm sensitive but, (a) I'd never be on a reality show and (b) how does she deal with life when she cries over thing s that don't even have anything to do with her?

Jessica's voice drove me nuts from the get go but I don't hate her.

Eric- I didn't hate him. I don't like the idea of an AP but, I think the powers that be have screwed it all up.

Jameka- I like her and wouldn't mind her winning

Jen- NEVER liked her from the minute she opened her mouth

Zach- I feel sorry for him... I don't understand why everyone is so mean to him

Let me also say that from the first episode I hated that Dick & Daniele were in the house together. THe other two "enemies" were fun and catty and good tv. This relationship is a father and a daughter. No matter how f'ed up he is and she is, that is her DAD. THis is his CHILD. I just don't think that it's "funny" or whatever to exploit the disfunction of their family.

And (after I just ranted about that) what is the deal with her mother? I don't recall hearing about that story. Or really "their" story... I know that she's "FRUSTRATED". i know that his mom helped raise Dani. I know there is a brother.

Anyway, I'd love to see Jameka win. I'd also like Dani and Dick in the top two becasue it would be just very much that they played the game very well. Dani plays the game very well.

OK, how sick of me are you now??