Tuesday, July 22, 2008

John & Kate Plus 8


Is this woman serious?

We've been watching John & Kate Plus 8 for a long time. I've always been bothered a little by the way that John and Kate speak to each other, but think that Kate is particularly hateful and demeaning to her husband sometimes.

I've seen interviews where Kate says something along the lines of, "there's no time to be polite," or, "if we don't say what we mean right away, we'll never have time to communicate."

Okay. I've never bought those excuses for belittling your spouse, but hey, if it works for them...right?

So today we're watching the "Embarrassing and Favorite Moments" episode. In the first 5 minutes of the show, here's what we see.

First there's a very old clip of John making an unkind remark to Kate. They discuss the clip, where John says he shouldn't have said it, he realizes it was rude and unkind, etc. Kate says she can't believe he said that, and explains why she was particularly grumpy that day. She educates John on the proper way to express one's dissatisfaction to one's spouse, and says that she's tried to train him for their entire marriage.

Next up is a clip where Kate shouts at John in the toy store. Her first comment is that John was playing like a child in the store instead of helping her. John attempts to explain what he was doing. Kate insists he was "playing like a child." She then goes on to say, "Well, I really wasn't that loud. It just sounded louder because I was wearing a mic."

So, in other words, Kate, you're saying that it was an embarrassing moment because John was misbehaving and when you corrected him it sounded louder than it really was because of the microphone? "I don't know what I would have done differently...but I just wish John...I wouldn't have yelled, obviously, but I wish John would be more sensitive and pay attention to the big picture of what's going on."

Now I know I can just change the channel. I know I can turn it off if it bugs me. But it's like a train wreck - I just can't stop watching. I'm fascinated at how deluded some people are about their shortcomings.

I'm not a perfect person, and you know what? I shout at my kids more than I should and I'm even catty with my husband occasionally. But I KNOW THAT IT'S WRONG and I try to improve. I don't try to justify my behavior by blaming it on someone else.

What makes me sad is that Kate Gosselin isn't the only wife (or husband or supervisor or etc.) who behaves this way. She's just the one who is so sure she's right that she'll go on national television and say so.


binks said...

I agree. Kate is always harping on (or criticizing) poor Jon about something. It is a good lesson on how NOT to treat your husband. You are right, she always has an excuse for her poor behavior. But, I love the show anyway because those kids are so darn cute.

Milehimama said...

Oh yeah, I always watch but man, she is MEAN!

She acts like her husband who is able to remain gainfully employed to support their 8 children, is the biggest idiot in the world.

And, sorry, but her "laundry system" is having her neighbor fold it and her frined Carla put it away??? Is she serious?

Miss Wisabus said...

Sigh. I feel the same way. I cannot stand to hear her talking down to him 90% of the time. My goodness, he's got some serious patience.

What's next said...

yea, it embarresses me when she talks to him like that, of course I don't change the channel either...

blessedwith5 said...

I have lost all patience with Jon & Kate . . . I don't like the way Kate talks to Jon. I don't watch it any more. I don't want to find myself talking to my hubs that way because Kate has filled my mind.

I think Jon must be close to saint hood for all that he puts up with.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree. I love the show but hate the way she talks to him. I have to say, my husband would NEVER put up with me talking to him like that, and I am very grateful for that! I would hate to be seen as Kate is seen. But, I can't seem to quit watching.

The funny thing is, my son did something goofy the other day and I yelled, "Heeeelllloooo!" and my neighbor laughed at me because she said that sounded just like Kate. Thankfully, that's NOT something I shout very often, and it WASN'T very loud, and it definitely was not in public!

Anonymous said...

I have not watched the show for a very long time, but I had seen a few episodes and had already noticed how Kate treated her husband on camera (and just wondered what she was like when she knew the cameras weren't around). However, I saw the episode where Sarah Snow came to show them all about "going green" with their cooking and so on. As Sarah was leaving their home at the end of the day, she commented on how much love was in their family because the kids were following her all the way out to her car giving her hug after hug. When it then showed Kate & Jon commenting on that, Jon simply agreed by saying that there "is a lot of love in the house," which I thought was nice. I guess Kate felt "offended" by this comment from her husband so she SLAPPED HIM ON THE FACE!!!!!! ON TV!!!!! I felt so embarrassed for him, and he truly looked speechless. She just simply looked back at the camera and nonchalantly said, "He's so weird" and chuckled. What a *****!!! I can't believe that a woman with such blessings in her life continues to act in such an ungrateful way. I wonder why the producers, etc. allow her to act that way too...it can't be good for their ratings! Well, then again, maybe that's not true with things the way they are these days.... All I know is that I lost a little (lot!) of respect for her after seeing how she treats her spouse.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks, thank about Kates side of this. She is home with eight kids all day long, never able to get away unless she runs to the store to food shop for an hour. John doesn't help as much as he could, I do believe that she has a lot of issues, but she clearly loves him, and he loves her, or he would have walked out a long time ago. I think she is so anal about everyting, because she runs a well oiled ship, and if one thing was to get out of sync. the whole ship would go down. I love all of them, and god bless them for all that they do. God really bless this family, it is a true blessing that the kids were even born at all, let alone to be as healthy as they are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Think of what they go through in one days time! I could not for one second fill Kate's shoes. I'm also an actress and know what can be done in an editing room. You feel about John and Kate, exactly they way they intend you to. It gets ratings! I like them both. I think they both get snippy with one another but handle their children with great love. God Bless em!

Anonymous said...
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Donna said...

I love this show and look forward to it every week including the re-runs. People are expecting too much from Jon, he is a human being that knows right from wrong and he needs to be left alone so that he can express himself as he wishes. Kate is not a bad person and she loves her husband very much, don't you think alot of what she says and does is for the rating of the show? If you pay attention to Jon it's almost as though it has been rehearsed...yeah maybe they took it a little too far...but the end result is entertaining. I love it!! The children are beautiful and no one has the right to say what is given to them or not given to them as these were and are Blessings from our Father. If you want the same or more then pray and ask, I'm sure God will listen to what you have to say and that includes the envy, jealousy and pride over what he has given to Jon and Kate. Think about it...those that speak spitefully of this family will one day reap what they sowed. Please be careful and don't let envy and jealousy play a big role in your life, it can be devasting, besides I can name alot of programs that are worse and should be taken off the air, can't you? One more thing, you say they are church goer's well, I know alot of church goer's that go out, have a few beers, go dancing and no one say's a word, so why pick on Jon? There was and is only one perfect man and that is Jesus, no one can top him and if you think Jon can then you are an idiot!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Wow y'all, I'm still getting comments on this post over six months later.

I had to delete a vulgar comment, but I left the delusional ones.

Party on, people.

Oh, and yes I'm now aware his name is spelled Jon. Sorry.