Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance ~ July 23

I haven't blogged about SYTYCD in a few weeks, and I really hadn't intended to put anything out there tonight, but hey, I can't seem to keep my thoughts to myself lately, so here ya go.

First observation, WHAT IS UP with Mary Murphy tonight? She looks oh, so pretty, almost like she had some work done. Is it her teeth? Her hair? She had no time to have actual work done, but something looks spectacular.

And speaking of spectacular-looking judges, how about Toni Basil? She hasn't aged a bit; in fact, she looks so much better than she did in her Oh, Mickey days.

Katie and Twitch's contemporary routine was absolutely brilliant. P.S., I went straight to and downloaded that song, Mercy, by Duffy.

Will's James Brown routine was cute.

LOVED Comfort and Mark's Hip-Hop routine. Loved it. And also, did I mention that I loved it?

Yeah, not so much the Fox Trot. It didn't suck, though.

Joshua and his little blonde doing Disco was fun. Love that song, too!

I think my favorite guys are Joshua and Twitch...oh, wait what about Will? Okay, let's just send Mark home this week and sort it out later.

As far as the girls go, I'm only really crazy about Courtney. After her, my order is Chelsea, Katie, Comfort.

What did you think about tonight's show?

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