Thursday, October 18, 2007

Survivor Sucks

I have never been so disgusted with an episode of Survivor as I was tonight.

These chicks on the Fei Long tribe are the most ridiculous, brainless, heartless...things! that I have ever seen. I really, really don't like to talk like that, but I am so beyond disgusted at tonight's episode!

These girls' strategy is obviously flawed, but the attitudes bother me EVEN MORE. Laughing while throwing a challenge? I've agreed with throwing a challenge before, when the point was to get rid of someone who was a detriment to the TEAM, but these girls are giving up team members based on something that MIGHT happen weeks from now!

Oh, and P.S. Please correct me if I'm wrong...really. As far as I can recall, whenever teams are mixed up, they always talk about how many allies they'll have after the merge, but it almost never goes down that way! Every day the sun rises, alliances change! So to vote off the strongest current members of your tribe, to protect your former tribe members, WHO ARE ON THE OTHER TRIBE NOW, is ridiculous.

Okay, my options now are to keep ranting or to put something else on the DVR, quickly.

And since I don't want to alienate all 8 of my Entertainment Blog readers, I'll shut up now.

Right after I ask you to tell me what you think.

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