Thursday, October 25, 2007

Survivor China - Tonight's Episode

Sorry, y'all, but I can't keep up with the episode numbers. I just wanna get my opinions in here and go watch ER.

Some thoughts about tonight's show:

I really liked the blond chick (Jamie?) on the small tribe in the beginning, but still hate her game play. Don't like Pee Gee (I know that's not how you spell it. I'm too lazy to look it up.).

Loved the immunity plan between Little Gay Guy and James the Gravedigger. Too bad Denise couldn't choke down that feathery bird. James tried dang hard to throw that challenge, but dadgum!

Courtney has bugged me with her attitude since Day One. Jean Robert's not a nice guy, but get over it! It's not the most important thing about Survivor, girl! Stop whining and maybe he'll lay off you a bit.

Sherea's attitude at Tribal Council was just unbelievable! She was awfully cocky for someone who HAD to know that she was in danger of going home! If I was undecided, she would have convinced me to send her home, FOR SURE.

So. Glad she's gone. Can't wait to see next week. Peace out.

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